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Five Fast Facts About Jane Chapman On Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies Jane Chapman June 21, 2019Big Little Lies

Jane Chapman is one of the women known as the “Monterey Five” on Big Little Lies. She is the youngest out of all the mothers, but she also carries a lot of trauma. Though she moved to the town with a lot of secrets, many were uncovered in Season 1.

From her child’s father to where she’s from, here are five fast facts about Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley).

Victim of Abuse
When we first meet Jane and her son, Ziggy, all we know is his father isn’t in the picture. But, as the first season progresses, we eventually learn Ziggy was a product of rape.

Fast Friends
Jane meets Madeline, the mother of Chloe and Abigail, during the very first day of school and they instantly become friends. It’s through Madeline that Jane meets Renata (Laura Dern), Bonnie, and Celeste, and ultimately gets involved in the drama.

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Life Before Monterey
Before she took a chance and moved to Monterey, Jane was living in Santa Cruz with her parents. She never reveals exactly why she wanted to move to Monterey, but it could be to get a fresh start, hoping to put the memory of what happened behind her.

Father of Her Child
It’s revealed at the end of Season 1 that the father of Ziggy is actually Celeste’s husband, Perry. Perry raped Jane, conceiving Ziggy, but she didn’t know he was married to Celeste at the time.

Loves to Run
Jane is a big runner and is frequently seen going on runs in the morning before school. It’s the only thing that keeps her mind in check amid all the trauma and the drama she’s faced.

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