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Five Fast Facts About Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Jackson Avery May 21, 2019Grey’s Anatomy Jackson Avery

Jackson Avery isn’t one of the original Grey Sloan Memorial doctors, but he has been on Grey’s Anatomy for 10 seasons. Through career achievements and relationship woes, Jackson has been a great addition to the show and is now one of the most beloved doctors.

From his family to his first Grey Sloan crush, here are five fast facts about Jackson (Jesse Williams)!

Family Legacy
Despite his best efforts to distance himself from his family, there’s no denying Jackson comes from medical royalty. His grandfather was none other than Harper Avery, one of the most famous surgeons in the country. His mother, Catherine Fox, is also one of the most notable surgeons in the country.

First Crush
Though he’s currently in a relationship with Maggie Pierce, he was once married to April Kepner, and also dated Lexie Grey, Jackson’s first crush at Grey Sloan Memorial was actually Cristina Yang. In fact, he kissed Cristina back in Season 6, but she quickly shut him down.

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Plastic Posse
Jackson is now one of the best plastic surgeons in the country, but that’s only because he learned from the best — Mark Sloan. Mark took Jackson under his wing and taught him everything he knew. Mark even went so far as to call the two of them the “Plastic Posse.”

Devastating Loss
After getting married, April and Jackson found out they were expecting their first child. However, a few months into the pregnancy, they discovered their son had osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a genetic disorder that would ultimately take their son’s life just hours after his birth. April gave birth to their son, Samuel, and he did sadly pass away.

Japril’s Over
Following the loss of Samuel, April threw herself into work and decided to join the army. However, her leaving Seattle put a massive strain on her marriage to Jackson. When she returned, they decided to divorce, but they also found out they were expecting a baby. They decided to co-parent their daughter, Harriet.

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