Bachelor Star Lauren Bushnell Says She Shouldn’t Be “Ashamed” Of Her Weight

Lauren Bushnell The BachelorLauren Bushnell The Bachelor

Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell is defending her weight after internet haters said she was too skinny last week.

It all started when the reality star shared her weight on Instagram while promoting a body weight scale.

Some fans expressed criticism that she only weighs 114 pounds, but Lauren was not going to take that negativity lying down!

“I have been around 115-118 pounds since high school. Obviously, as a woman, it’s fluctuated some but for me, this seems to be a healthy weight,” she wrote on Instagram.

Though she was promoting a body scale, she made sure to add that she doesn’t think everyone needs to weigh themselves all the time.

“I by no means think everyone should be this weight or feel the need to weigh themselves every day,” she said.

“I also by no means think it’s acceptable to tell thin women that they are not ‘spreading body positivity.’ This has to stop.”

She continued, “I am built the way that I am. I cannot help it nor should I be ashamed of it.”

Not to mention, Lauren is actually trying to gain a bit of weight right now, so the criticism really got to her.

“No one should be ashamed of who they are. No one should be attached to a number on a scale,” she said.

“Love yourself. Love others. Live a healthy, balanced life. Because at the end of the day, what’s inside matters a whole lot more than what’s on the outside anyway.”

Though she’s forced to deal with online haters sometimes, Lauren is happily dating country singer Chris Lane and is living her best life.

What do you think of Lauren’s response to the haters? Let us know what you think about the situation!
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