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Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton Claps Back At Body Shamers

Amanda Stanton The BachelorAmanda Stanton The Bachelor

Former Bachelor star Amanda Stanton is not here for the haters.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum took to Instagram last week to clap back at body shamers who were criticizing her weight.

“Received so many kind messages about my before and after work out post but also so many nasty ones. I do not have an eating disorder and I am naturally skinny. I’ve gotten skinnier throughout the years since having kids,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

“That happens sometimes as people age. Everyone has different body types and everyone is beautiful exactly the way they are.”

She continued, “Our differences and flaws are what make us unique. If you see someone making an effort to be healthy and take care of themselves, why hate on that?”

She also revealed she is a lot healthier now than she was when she was on The Bachelor.

“And for anyone that comments about how I looked ‘healthier’ and better on the Bachelor. It may have LOOKED that way. But I am 100x healthier now than I was then. I was drinking wine and mimosas every day and not working out whatsoever,” she said.

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“I am healthy and happy and whatever number it says on the scale isn’t an indicator of that. I encourage everyone to love themselves just the way they are and to be proud of yourself if you’re making an effort to be healthy and stronger…regardless of what that looks like for you on the outside.”

Though she wasn’t afraid to hit back and defend herself against the online haters, she’s not going to give the negativity any more attention moving forward.

“This is the last time I’m going to address body shamers (at least for a while) because I know no matter what I say I’m not ever going to ‘solve’ the issue and it’s going to continue to happen not just to me but to plenty of others,” she shared.

“One thing I can’t stand is people telling me I’m not setting a good example or sending a good message to girls because I am skinny??”

She continued, “GETTING OFF TOPIC BC I’M RANTING BUT: I strive to be a good role model for my girls and for all of you guys.”

You tell ‘em, Amanda!
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