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Bachelor In Paradise’s Jordan Kimball Reveals The “Timing” Of Jenna Cooper’s Statement Was “Very Odd”

Bachelor in Paradise Jordan KimballBachelor in Paradise Jordan Kimball

It is safe to say Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Kimball is over talking about his ex-fiancée Jenna Cooper.

The reality star, however, did share he thought her most recent statement — when she said the text messages that revealed she was cheating were fabricated — came out at an interesting time.

You know, right before he performed on Dancing With the Stars with his buddy, Joe Amabile.

“I’m just gonna say the timing of something today was very odd. And that’s all I can say,” he told Us Weekly.

Earlier in the day, Jenna released a statement addressing the story Reality Steve shared back in September, which claimed she sent flirty text messages to another man while she was engaged to Jordan.

In the statement, Jenna said a forensic examination revealed she did not send the alleged text messages.

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“A comprehensive forensic examination of Jenna’s devices by an independent third-party expert has definitely confirmed none of the text messages in question came from Jenna’s phone,” her rep, Steve Honig, said in a statement.

“Given the conclusive findings of the forensic report, Jenna’s team is considering all options available to Jenna relating to the fraudulent texts.”

The statement also revealed Jordan apparently changed his behavior towards Jenna when the cameras stopped rolling.

“After the cameras stopped rolling, Jordan’s demeanor toward Jenna changed dramatically. He let it be known there was only room for one celebrity in the relationship, he was more successful and famous than her, she would never make as much money as him or amount to anything in life,” the statement continued.

“She was belittled and made to feel insignificant and worthless. He continues to disparage her to this day. As painful as this has been for Jenna, she is glad he showed his true colors before they were married and began building a life together.”

Whose side are you on — Team Jordan or Team Jenna? Let us know your thoughts.

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