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Bachelor in Paradise Star Jordan Kimball Joins Dating App Months After Breakup

Bachelor in Paradise Jordan KimballBachelor in Paradise Jordan Kimball

Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Kimball is putting himself back out there!

The reality star, who dramatically split from his ex-fiancée Jenna Cooper a few months ago, has officially signed up for a dating app.

In fact, he revealed he’s putting himself back out there in a recent Instagram post.

“Hey what’s up guys, many of you know that I’ve had success on dating apps (100% match rate) but it’s gotten me nowhere on my journey for love,” he said on Thursday, December 27.

“I was giving it a shot with dating organically and it’s really tough in these single streets. So I’ve made a dating profile on @match and having better discussion so thank you, next. #WeBelieveInLove #ReadyToFall.”

He also added on his Instagram Story, “I’m headed into 2019 full steam ahead. I’ve got a heart full of hope to find my true one on Match. I’m going to download the app today; here we go.”

It’s good to see Jordan is putting himself back out there, especially after his recent split from Jenna.

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Jenna was accused of cheating on Jordan with a mystery man after alleged texts were leaked.

Jordan and Jenna quickly broke up after the allegations came out, but it’s been drama between them ever since.

“To think, to feel, to fall. These emotions interact with experiences and people, when you find a person you think about them, you feel when they feel and sometimes you fall,” Jordan wrote on Instagram after the breakup.

“When you’re in love with even the experiences you’ve had with them it’s something to respect. Being careless with someone that you give your heart to and reach milestones with isn’t sensible no matter what the terms may be.”

He continued, ‘I have not had an easy life and having struggles allows me to grab onto tough times and discard them from my path. I deal with unreasonable circumstances reasonably and have come to terms with a decision to remove myself from the relationship, it breaks my heart to think, feel and fall for this. It’s dropped me.”

We wish him all the luck in the online dating world!

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