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Young Love: Do You Root For Haley and JJ On Days of Our Lives?

Haley and JJ Days of Our LivesHaley and JJ Days of Our Lives

For the past year, it has seemed like JJ’s (Casey Moss) entire life has revolved around his love for new girlfriend Haley (Thia Megia) on Days of Our Lives. And when she was deported after it was revealed she was an undocumented immigrant, JJ’s world seemed to just collapse.

But a knock on his door lifted his spirits when he was greeted by Haley who told him that she was going to get to stay in the country after all. Since then, it’s been nothing but naughty showers in the afternoon, ballad singing, and guitar strumming.

Soap Hub wonders if the fans are even invested in this new couple. Here’s what 13,000 fans had to say:

Thumbs Up
The overwhelming majority says that this is a coupling that’s meant to last for the long haul. The final tally stands at 90% of you giving JJ and Haley your full support. Not only do you love these two love birds but you think they have what it’s got to stand the test of time.

You’re absolutely positive that JJ and Haley will one day share the same cult following as some of DAYS’ most storied romances like John and Marlena or Bo and Hope.

Thumbs Down
And yet there are a few Debbie Downers. In total 9% of you just aren’t feeling this love story. Yes JJ and Haley are cute together but you’re not seeing any real passion there. You don’t think they smolder like the show’s other young couple Ciara (Victoria Konefal) and Ben (Robert Scott Wilson).

Plus they don’t even have a ship name. You know that a soap opera couple is only as good as their ship name. Jarlena, Bope, Stayla, Cin. These are the couples that will be remembered. days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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