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WILD DAYS OF OUR LIVES SPEC: Is Andre A Double Agent?!?!

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It felt like a slap in the face to every Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fan who hoped evil Andre was turning a corner when he revealed he really was just using Abigail and Chad to get what he wanted. But what if that’s not the whole story?

The Long Con
Yes, we know it sounds crazy to even think that Andre (Thaao Penghlis), the former serial killer, could really change his designer spots but it at least felt that way recently. He seemed to be developing a warm and squishy spot for both Abigal (Marci Miller) and Kate (Lauren Koslow), his wife in name only.

Except that Andre said, that he wanted that marriage of convenience to become more because he had developed real feelings for Kate. And while watching these two damaged people come together was like watching porcupines mate, it somehow worked. It was even sweet!

Lower the Boom
Then yesterday Andre admitted to Vivian (Louise Sorel) that he’s been working with her and that Abigail was simply a means to an end – with that end being getting Chad (Billy Flynn) to trust him and give him more power in the company. That now – he would be the power behind Stefan (Tyler Christopher).

Deep Betrayal
Was that really all his friendship with Abigail was? He was using her and his closeness with Kate to double-cross his real family so he could let virtual outsiders appear to run the company with him behind the scenes?

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Who’s to say they wouldn’t get rid of him? How could they be trusted?

The fact is they can’t be trusted and surely Andre must know that. So couldn’t he in fact be serving as a double agent to protect his true family – Chad, Abigail, and Kate? But let’s take this whole turned-over-new-leaf Andre a step further.

Remove the Mask
While it does seem doubtful that Andre could ever turn his back on the dark side, his lookalike, Tony, was a good man.

What if this isn’t even really Andre but rather Tony? Tony’s last true love, Anna (Leann Hunley) is back in town. DAYS likes quadrangles – how about Kate/Tony/Anna/Roman?!

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