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WILD DAYS OF OUR LIVES SPEC: Could Abby Fall For Stefan?!?

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Yes, we know that Abigail is completely devoted to Chad on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), but we also know that she’s apt to concoct her own plans that sometimes lead her into trouble.

It was a relief today when Abigail (Marci Miller) finally fessed up to Chad (Billy Flynn) that his smoldering, sexy half-brother answered the door to her naked.

But why exactly did it take her so long? Was she afraid Chad would fly off the handle? Or was there another reason?

While it’s awesome to see Abigail strutting around with her newfound confidence, it’s disconcerting to think it may get her into more trouble than she bargained for.

She seems to be playing with fire when it comes to dealing with Stefan (Tyler Christopher), and he’s enjoying their encounters way too much.

Today she answered the door in nothing but a towel even though she knew Chad had left the house.

Did she really think he was returning or perhaps was she looking to stir up some trouble? She knows she has a power over Stefan and that he loves to flirt with her.

What if she uses that knowledge to try to play him, unbeknownst to her devoted hubby? She may think she’s the one who is in control, but what if during those encounters, she gets to see the real Stefan – and likes what she sees?

While it may seem farfetched for Abby to have eyes for someone other than Chad, she isn’t made of stone. Stefan seems quite capable of pressing all the right buttons to reach the women he’s meeting. Could Abby be setting herself up to fail miserably – and fall for her brother-in-law?

Video Credit: KC Lynne

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