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Who’s Got You, Babe? Who Is the Father Of Sarah’s Baby On Days Of Our Lives?

Sarah and Xander Days of Our LivesSarah and Xander Days of Our Lives

During the Days Of Our Lives campaign for mayor, all anyone could talk about was illegal immigration. Not a word about property taxes, or health care, or education. When it comes to the latter, we know why. Salem has a terrible public school system. No one knows how birth control works — not even the doctors!

Namely, Dr. Sarah (Linsey Godfrey), who was married to Rex (Kyle Lowder) while pining for Eric (Greg Vaughan). Now Sarah is sure she’s lost Eric to his back-from-the dead-love, Nicole (Arianne Zucker). Except — oops — looks like she’s knocked up. So who’s the daddy? What over 8,000 are diagnosing:

The Winning Sperm!
A barely-there majority of 51% voted for Eric. He’s the one Sarah slept with most recently. Plus, he does love her. The only problem is… he might love Nicole more. Eric has mourned Nicole for months, he’s dreamed about having a family with her and Holly, and watched that dream go up in proverbial smoke.

Now that he has a chance to seize it again, will Eric give up that family for the one he could have with Sarah and their child? The Nicole haters say, “Darn skippy!” The Nicole lovers know Sarah could never compete… baby or no baby.

Stepping Up
A smaller 29% of you are rooting for Xander (Paul Telfer) to be the dad. Sure, he and Sarah slept together months ago — before she married Rex — and if she got pregnant then, not realizing until now speaks to some really serious stupidity.

But Xander truly cares about her. At best, he can step up if Eric won’t. Eric would hate that. (Although, they COULD add in a ret-conned more recent night together, a la Mia and Arturo on The Young and the Restless.)

It’s Good To Be The King
Only 18% of the audience is rooting for Rex. But if he won’t return to fight for his child, you know Kate (Lauren Koslow) will. That’ll be fun.

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