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What Should Gabi Do on Days of Our Lives?

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Gabi overheard JJ telling his mother about keeping another secret from her on Days of Our Lives and she’s NOT happy.

Of course, it’s pretty innocent this time around. JJ (Casey Moss) is keeping mum that his sister Abigail is alive at her insistence. She’s simply not ready to face Chad and reclaim her old life, yet. In the interim, Gabi’s left suspecting the worse – like maybe her boyfriend strayed–again. Soap Hub asked what Gabi should do regarding this latest development. Over 4,500 of you cast your vote on the subject. Here’s what you had to say.

Tell Chad
Exactly 50% of fans think Gabi (Camila Banus) should head straight to Chad and tell him that JJ is keeping another secret. After all, they are friends and, at the very least, he can offer Gabi some comfort and support. Plus, Gabi has seemed torn since she left Chad in the dust to reconcile with JJ. This would be a perfect excuse to reconnect with Chad (Billy Flynn), and she should take it.

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Keep Things to Herself
JJ’s bound to offer up some excuse, regarding the secret he was talking to Jennifer about. And Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) will definitely back him up, since she doesn’t want the news that Abigail is alive out quite yet. She’s worried her daughter won’t be able to handle it and could run off again. Hence, 46% of you think Gabi should keep what she’s heard to herself and simply let it go. There’s absolutely nothing to make of it, anyway.

Break Up With JJ
The remaining 4% of you believe Gabi should call things off with JJ. He’s obviously lying to her again, even though it’s a lie of omission at this point. The bottom line is JJ tends to keep his share of secrets and he’s already cheated on Gabi once. If Gabi truly wants a man who’s always on the up-and-up with her, she may have to look elsewhere.

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