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These Days of our Lives Marrieds Forgot To Mention The Knot They Tied

Days of our Lives Marlena, Alex, and JohnDays of our Lives Marlena, Alex, and John

Scrambled memories, presumed deaths, ill-informed head writers. There are a plethora of viable excuses, but the fact remains that there is a fair number of Days of our Lives characters who entered the scene already hitched and forgot — or just plain neglected — to inform their next significant other.

Days of our Lives: Forget Me Knot

Luckily for most of those DAYS folks, getting a D.I.V.O.R.C.E. proved effortless enough. But for some, intervention, in a plethora of forms, was necessary.

The Already Married: Doug Williams
The Unmentioned Spouse: Kim Douglas

Addie Horton Olson so strenuously objected to Doug’s (Bill Hayes) pursual of a very married Julie Olson Banning that she hired a private investigator to dig up as much dirt as humanly possible…and considering that Doug, real name Brent Douglas, was a former con man who’d done hard time, there was a lot to uncover — including his status as a married man.

Kim Douglas magnanimously agreed to grant Doug his much sought-after divorce…but she’d later claim, out of spite if nothing else, that she failed to file the documents. That turned out to be a lie…but the Polynesian beauty did wind up an heiress to an island kingdom. If Doug minded missing out on the chance to be royalty, he didn’t show it.

The Already Married: Shane Donovan
The Unmentioned Spouse: Emma Donovan

Super spy Shane and prostitute turned amateur sleuth Kimberly Brady were making a tentative go at a relationship when cruel fate intervened. Kimberly was an eyewitness to an assassination carried out on U.S. soil by anti-monarchist The Dragon…the very same terrorist responsible for a bombing that had supposedly claimed the life of Shane’s heretofore mentioned bride, Emma.

Shane made it his mission to avenge Emma’s death — but soon learned that the rumors of her demise had been greatly exaggerated. In point of fact, Emma had been kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming an agent of The Dragon! Once freed from the conditioning, Emma proceeded to make Shane and Kimberly’s life a misery, with stunts that included selling the couple’s son on the black market.

The Already Married: Roman Brady
The Unmentioned Spouse: Anna Fredricks Brady

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Roman (then, Wayne Northrop; now, Josh Taylor) proposed to, and married, Anna soon after their meet-cute in a public library. Three months later, Mrs. Brady vanished into thin air.

She reemerged, years later, at a most inopportune time — Roman was trying to have her declared legally dead so that he might marry Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), who was none the wiser — and with a salient reminder of her and Roman’s amour: 4-year-old Carrie Brady (then, Andrea Barber; now, Christie Clark).

The Already Married: Steve Johnson
The Unmentioned Spouse: Mariana Toscano

Steve (Stephen Nichols) was under the impression that his missus had met a tragic, waterlogged fate. Color him and Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) surprised to find Mariana alive and well years later, on the hunt for some family treasure, and in league with Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston).

Marina’s untimely death — for real this time — at the hands of her sister, Isabella Toscano, freed Steve of any obligation, but it also resulted in Kayla being in the frame, at least temporarily.

The Already Married: Kate Roberts
The Unmentioned Spouse: Curtis Reed

Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) and Kate Roberts’s (then Deborah Adair; now Lauren Koslow) relationship wasn’t exactly a love match, but the latter still intended to ensure she’d become his latest bride…even if that meant marrying Victor bigamously. Curtis Reed was a proponent of his estranged wife’s subterfuge…provided she fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Curtis was found plugged full of lead shortly after his blackmail attempt, no one was more grateful than Kate.

The Already Married: Marlena Evans
The Unmentioned Spouse: Alex North

Marlena may have walked down the aisle several times since debuting on Days of our Lives in 1976, but none of those ceremonies were actually legally binding. The only wedding that mattered in the eyes of the court was the one that declared her and Alex North (Wayne Northrop) man and wife.

The Already Married: Hope Brady
The Unmentioned Spouse: John Black

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and John (Drake Hogestyn) were married to the loves of their life — Bo Brady and Marlena respectively – when they learned an inconvenient truth: they were actually married to each other.

As it transpires, the pair were hitched during a time when Hope was mind-controlled to believe that she was an art forger-cum-thief and John was a mindless stooge known as The Pawn.

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