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Susan Banks’ Wackiest Days of Our Lives Moments

Days Of Our Lives, Eileen DavidsonDays Of Our Lives, Eileen Davidson

Susan Banks, the ditzy dingbat with the seriously pronounced overbite, returns to Days of our Lives (DOOL), this week.

John (Drake Hogestyn), Marlena (Deidre Hall), Sami (Alison Sweeney), Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Paul (Christopher Sean) encounter the former Salemite while searching for answers about Will (Chandler Massey), who they’ve been led to believe is alive.

Could Susan (Eileen Davidson) actually be the one holding Sami’s son captive? In honor of her upcoming stint, here’s a look back at Susan’s wackiest moments.

Battling Bloodsuckers
Susan booked a session with Marlena and told her that an evil woman (Kristen) was trying to steal her husband (John) and her baby… and that there were vampires after her.

Marlena countered by giving Susan a special rock to keep the bloodsuckers away. Susan used the rock, as well as a string of garlic, to ward off the evil doers whenever they approached her.

Beamed Up
When Marlena mysteriously disappeared, Susan suspected the craziest case scenario. Upon running into Kristen, Vivian (Louise Sorel), and Ivan (Ivan G’Vera) outside the pub, she told the trio she knew they’d beamed Marlena up into a space ship. “No way you’re going to do that to me,” she spat, before running off.

Wild Turn

Upon learning that Kristen had locked Marlena in a secret room at the mansion, Susan was determined to set the good doctor free.

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That is, until Kristen revealed Marlena was in love with John, too. Instead, Susan forced Kristen into the room with Marlena and began impersonating Kristen, so she could have John all to herself.

A Wild Wedding
While impersonating Kristen, Susan planned a second wedding to John. During the Elvis-themed ceremony, Laura turned up and accused the bride of kidnapping Marlena. The women scuffled and, in the process, Susan’s false teeth flew out of her mouth and into Vivian’s champagne glass. The jig was up, and Susan was forced to confess all.

Daddy’s King
Susan’s sibling, Sister Mary Moira, demanded she reveal who the father of her son, Little Elvis, was. Susan announced it was The King of rock and roll himself.

Susan finally realized she was wrong, after Kristen drugged her and she saw Stefano visiting the child. She remembered he was her baby daddy. He’d been dressed as Elvis the night the boy was conceived.

Turning the Tables
Kristen arranged for Susan to be sold into white slavery and become part of The Supreme Leader’s harem, so she could keep Little Elvis.

But, a crafty Susan managed to escape her captors and return to her true love Edmund. Then, she turned the tables on Kristen, sending her nemesis to take her place in the harem.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.


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