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DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Melinda Uses The Drug Haze To Have A Baby

Will Melinda dupe Stefan DiMera into thinking he’s a daddy?

days spoilers wild speculation with melida trask and stefan dimera baby.Melinda Trask and Stefan DiMera as parents?

The Sweet Bits drugging had many unsuspecting residents feeling frisky, and DAYS spoilers hint there will be some serious fallout. Breakups, hurt feelings, and a ton of regret is sure to shake things up. We predict one particular District Attorney will use this to her full advantage.

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

The doped-up Sweet Bits biscuits had an adverse effect on everyone who ate them. Many landed in the hospital, including Melinda (Tina Huang). The whole incident was quite wild for her. She nearly slept with Stefan (Brandon Barash) only to watch him come to his senses moments before she started throwing up all over his room.

Not only was she ill, but she was also a little heartsick knowing the only reason Stefan took her to bed was he thought he was Gabi (Camila Banus). What an insult! Okay, sure, Stefan was high, but that’s not nice. And, we think Melinda’s going to want some revenge.

DAYS: Deceptive Practices

What better way to rope Stefan into her life than with a baby? Oh, yes…a baby. But, how? It’s not like she actually slept with him. Well…that’s where this gets super deceptive. Melinda is going to swing some deals to get what she wants. One with an on-the-run mad scientist.

Just imagine if Melinda strikes a deal with Rolf (Richard Wharton) to get herself some DiMera “essence” to help her make a baby. If he has Stefano’s brain stored on a drive, perhaps he has some Jake samples laying around somewhere. And, maybe, Melinda can use it to trick Stefan into thinking he’s a daddy.

This would be quite a tricky little trick for the Salem D.A. A simple DNA test would show there’s a strong chance Stefan is the dad because no one would even consider his identical twin as a possibility. She can then use her bundle of joy to scheme, scam, and blackmail the DiMera Prince.

Days of our Lives: A Win Is A Win

Of course, the truth would eventually come out, but that’s okay. Melinda might get shamed, but that tot is a DiMera, and the family will have no choice but to support the baby. It’s a win-win for her, really. She gets to be a mom again, wield more power, and gain a lifelong connection to the most powerful family in town. What could possibly go wrong? Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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