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DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Kate’s Escape Takes A Wicked Turn

Kate’s nightmare continues when she’s snatched up by Vivian Alamain on DAYS!

vivian and kate on days of our lives.Vivian may get Kate on DAYS.

DAYS spoilers tease the drama isn’t over for Kate just yet. She escaped death from the mystery illness, and when Megan had her and the other women confined. She also talked Bo down when he had a gun in her face. Sure, we heard a shot but we can’t believe Bo really killed her. We think she’s one lucky lady. Unfortunately, we don’t think her fight is over just yet.

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

We think Kate (Lauren Koslow) is on the run from the lair but with no idea where to go or how to get away. We predict she won’t get very far, though. She’ll find a roadway and be thankful to see a car coming her way. However, the occupant of the vehicle will be the last person she wants to see — Vivian!

DAYS: Accidental Fate

Picture this, Vivian has quietly spent the past few months figuring out how to slip out of prison. She’s laid low, made nice with a guard or two, and as luck would have it, she will soon make her way out. In the next few days, there will be a worldwide alert that Ms. Alamain is on the loose!

Vivian pulls together her band of misfits to make her great escape. She’ll need somewhere to hide, and her old friend Rolf (Richard Wharton) is more than happy to rush her to the lair. The coast is basically clear there, with it already searched, and the race to find and save the ladies taking the former ISA agents off the premises.

So, that’s just what Vivian does. She travels quickly and quietly to the facility. Oh, it’s so good to be free. Vivian no sooner breathes a sigh of relief as her car barrels down a dark road. But, what! What’s that up ahead? Is it a person? She swerves, accidentally striking the poor woman. That’s when Kate and Vivian come face to face.

Vivian will waste no time shoving Kate into the trunk and driving off. What a fantastic coincidence. Vivian wasn’t expecting to have company, but hey, who is she to complain? She gets her freedom and her favorite rival all at once. She’ll be positively giddy!

Days of our Lives: Kate’s In Huge Trouble Now

Poor Kate will come around back in the dreaded hideout. This time, instead of Megan (Miranda Wilson) ready to ruin her, she’ll open her eyes to Vivian. What an absolute nightmare! This is a horrible twist, and all Kate can do is hope someone finds her before it’s too late. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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