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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: The Best Father For Nicole Walker’s Baby

Will it be EJ or Eric on Days of our Lives?

days of our lives spoilers for may 22, 2023, has nicole walker not happy.Nicole Walker mulls her options.

DAYS spoilers seem to be indicating that Nicole will end up marrying EJ…only to learn that Eric is the father of her baby. That’s the most traditional story outcome. But is it the soapiest one? We say no. Here’s why:

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Conflict Free

Picture it: Nicole (Arianne Zucker) accepts EJ’s proposal. They tie the knot…and Eric (Greg Vaughan) is revealed to be her baby’s father. Where’s the drama in that? Even EJ realizes that Nicole is still in love with Eric. And while Eric and Sloan have agreed to give their relationship a try, finding out that Nicole is pregnant with his child will see Eric kicking Sloan to the curb in a red, hot minute.

Nicole will leave EJ, and she and Eric will play house once again. That’s it. At the pace DAYS is telling stories since the move to Peacock, the whole thing will be over within a week. Where’s our make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait?

Days of our Lives Flip Flop

DAYS spoilers tease that a much better story would be Nicole admitting to EJ that, yes, he’s right, she is still in love with Eric. Meanwhile, Eric finds out that Sloan “lied” to him about Nicole’s pregnancy (how, exactly, was it Nicole’s responsibility to tell Eric that his ex-wife, who is currently living and presumably having sex with another man is pregnant?). That’s the last straw for the ex-priest, and he and Nicole reunite. THEN Nicole learns that her baby is EJ’s. NOW we have drama!

DAYS Spoilers: Co-Parenting

EJ will never give up on his child. He will be a thorn in Nicole and Eric’s side. Eric will get all self-righteous. Nicole, terrified of losing the baby she’s wanted for so long, will consider reuniting with EJ. This story could go on for months, years even. This story will be truly soapy.

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