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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Here’s Who Has the Orchid

How it could still be important to the Days of our Lives story.

days of our lives spoilers kristen dimera stands in front of where the orchid was but it's missingKristen DiMera

Kristen DiMera swore to Brady that she doesn’t know what happened to the orchid that could have saved Marlena, Kayla, and Kate’s lives, but DAYS spoilers suggest the story is not over – even though the women’s lives seem to be. (Raise your hands if you believe that. Yeah, not us, either. Now raise your hand if you think Dr. Rolf has the bodies on ice somewhere, and the orchid can bring them back. Yeah, us, too.) So who has the precious plant? We’ve got some theories.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Dark Knight

Orpheus (George DelHoyo) is the obvious choice. He really wanted those innocent women dead. But he isn’t the only baddie with a motive. We’re still not 100% convinced that Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) is telling the truth – especially if she knows the orchid can be used to bring the women back to life. That could be the final ace up her sleeve.

DOOL Spoilers: Evil Incarnate

Since Salem has decided that Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) is worse than the Devil herself – and these people have dealt with the actual Devil, mind you – then let’s point the finger at her. Even though Sloan hasn’t done anything worse than what practically every other good citizen has been guilty of in the past, she will obviously stop at nothing to make their lives miserable. So, yeah, she’s the orchid thief. Why the heck not?

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DAYS Spoilers: Green Thumb

Poor, possibly dead Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk). She was always trying to do the right thing…and watching it turn out wrong. What if, prior to that allegedly fatal car crash off a cliff, sweet Susan wandered into the secret room everyone knows about, stumbled upon the sick plant, and took it outside for some sunshine and love? It could be growing in the DiMera gardens right now, under everyone’s oblivious noses.

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