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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Dimitri’s Murder Plot Blows Up

Will Gabi and Stefan turn the DAYS tables on him?

days spoilers speculation banner over dimitri.Will Stefan and Gabi DiMera escape Dimitri's plot?

DAYS spoilers are showing us a Dimitri who is confident that his plan to kill Stefan and Gabi will keep the newlyweds from outing Dimitri’s marriage as a sham. This is pretty familiar ground for Stefan. Megan, Li, and Harris have tried to kill him before. But while Gabi is very few people’s favorite person, she isn’t as experienced in ducking hits.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

Not that Dimitri is any good at…anything. The only reason he needs to eliminate Stefan and Gabi right now is because he was stupid enough to hook up with his sidepiece in his own home, where his little niece could catch them. So, how will a showdown between these three stooges ultimately play out?

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Going by Dimitri’s (Peter Porte) track record, it’s just as likely that he’ll kill himself by accident, as that he’ll manage to get either Gabi (Camila Banus) or Stefan (Brandon Barash), much less both of them. And wouldn’t that be ironic? Sure, he’ll eliminate the Gabi and Stefan threat, but he won’t be around to enjoy it. Gwen (Emily O’Brien) will inherit the money he worked so hard to acquire… and then put such stupid effort into keeping.

Halfway There

But that justice would be just too poetic. We don’t get to have nice things like that in Salem. Not that we’re against messiness. The messier the better – soap style! Dimitri screwing up would be messy. But how do we get optimum drama out of it?

He shouldn’t kill himself. Killing himself would be too good for him. Dimitri needs to suffer. Leo’s (Greg Rikaart) dying might mean something if we actually believed that Dimitri had any genuine feelings for him. But we don’t. Gwen dying would just be a relief to Dimitri. So we don’t want that either.

Stefan and Gabi dying would give Dimitri what he wants. And we certainly have no interest in seeing that. But only one of them shuffling off this mortal coil…while the other seethes with revenge? That we could get behind!

We’ve already had the “Stefan dies and Gabi is vengeful” story. So, now it’s time for “Gabi dies and Stefan goes nuts.” Dimitri won’t know what hit him!

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