Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Linsey Godfrey

Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Linsey GodfreySoap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Linsey Godfrey

DAYS’ Linsey Godfrey hasn’t received Soap Hub’s Performer of the Week honors for merely playing a grieving mother coming to terms with her baby’s death, nor for playing an amnesiac suddenly overcome with memories from the past, nor for playing an enraptured minx ready to jump her lovers’ bones, but for playing all of the above.

Linsey Godfrey – Performer of the Week

Color Godfrey’s alter ego all kinds of confused. When Sarah Horton told Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) that she’d be amenable to talking with him somewhere private, she didn’t expect him to lead her to the local cemetery.

But it soon dawned on her why they were there. Godfrey’s eyes scanned the landscape and soon settled on her daughter’s gravestone. “You brought me to see Mickey,” Godfrey tenderly declared rather than questioned, her voice choked with emotion.

When Xander began to recount how it had all gone wrong, Sarah vainly attempted to quiet him with a begging whisper – but Xander persisted. He’d been stupid, and selfish. He lied and he schemed and he told himself that it was all for Sarah’s benefit, but that was a lie.

The more he went on, the more despondent Sarah became, and by the time Xander encouraged her to properly mourn her loss, to give herself permission to grieve, Godfrey’s cheeks were tear-stained.

Turning her attentions to the plot before her, Godfrey bent down, tenderly caressed the grass as if it were a babe, and wondered aloud, “Mickey…my little angel. How could I ever forget that you were gone?” Thanks to Godfrey’s inflection, the question was all at once a personal rebuke and genuine pondering.

Xander further surprised Sarah with the revelation that he adorned Mickey’s resting place with roses once a week, without fail. She was grateful; but still, forgiveness was not forthcoming…until it did indeed come.

That happy moment was heralded by an onslaught of remembrances that filled in the missing gaps in Sarah’s memory. First, she recalled that it was Xander who paid for and installed the marker. “You put my little girl’s name on the stone so she wouldn’t be forgotten,” Godfrey reminded with both thanks and amazement.

Then came the cavalcade of days gone by. “I remember. I remember everything!” Sarah joyously confessed. She’d remembered the good, and the bad, and the depth of her affection for Xander, and how in sync their bodies are, how they intertwine with ease…

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