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Salem Has HAPPINESS: Is A New Wedding On The Way–Or Two?

Days of Our Lives

They’re back together again – for real this time; so Chad decides to take the next step on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

Yes, once again Chad proposes to Abigail and this time his heart truly seems to be in it.

“It comes totally out of the blue,” says Marci Miller (Abigail). “Abby has no clue Chad’s about to do this.”

Marry Me, Again
The Big Moment goes down at the hospital, where Abigail’s still recovering from being moved down by a car.

“Chad comes in, and it’s all very simple,” recounts Miller. “It’s not a big song and dance. He doesn’t get down on one knee or anything. He just comes in and re-professes his love to Abby, tells her how he feels about her.

“He says he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. Then, he pulls out the ring — her original ring, which is really special. It means he never got rid of it. He kept it and had it all this time.”

She Accepts
Abigail’s reaction is pretty predictable: she accepts Chad’s proposal.

“She’s floored. This is something that she’s wanted for a long time,” notes Miller. “She’s always secretly hoped, but not really expected that their lives would be led back to this point. She’s thrilled. She’s very moved and filled with love for Chad.

“It’s a very Chad and Abby moment to me,” adds Miller. “The ring comes out. She says yes. They’re together. It’s the beginning of the journey that’s going to be the rest of their lives together. Finally. For real this time.”

Gabi’s Reaction
However, Chad and Abigail’s happy moment leaves Gabi (Camila Banus) out in the cold. When she learns about the couple’s engagement, she’s hit hard.

“Abby and Gabi talk about it once or twice to clear the air a little bit. They discuss the elephant in the room,” notes Miller. “Abby says that she knows this is hard for her, and Gabi wishes Abby and Chad well. Abby accepts that and is kind to her, but it’s not a situation where trying to be best buds, right now.”

Conflicting Plans
It turns out the Chad/Abigail love fest isn’t the only one going on in Salem.

Across town, Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Paul (Christopher Sean) are also having one. The two guys decide they want to get married, too, and as soon as possible. And that might present a conflict with Chad and Abigail’s plans.

“It all comes out when Sonny and Paul stop by to visit Abby at the hospital,” explains Miller. “They tell Chad and Abby that they’re engaged and the day they’re planning to get married. It’s the same date Chad and Abby picked.

“Then, Sonny and Paul tell them about the place where they’re going to get married, and it’s the same place Chad and Abby had talked about the day prior. Abby had said how perfect it is, and she and Chad were going…continue reading on the next page —>

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