Talia Hunter Flashes Back To Being The Mad Biscuit Drugger

DAYS recap for Friday, April 14, 2023: But why did she do such a bad, bad thing?

days of our lives recap for friday, april 14, 2023, talia hunter recalls her dirty deed.Talia Hunter recalls her dirty deed.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Talia Hunter recalled being the one who introduced a hallucinogenic/aphrodisiac into a batch of proofing biscuits.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Wendy (Victoria Grace) took Johnny (Carson Boatman) to task, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) found herself confused for a not-so-average bear, Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) confused about outfits and a banana for a camera, and Li (Remington Hoffman) found himself unable to take advantage of a clearly unwell Gabi (Camila Banus). Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Talia Hunter Did A Bad, Bad Thing — But Why?

Outside Sweet Bits, an incredulous Wendy demanded further explanation. Had she really just seen Johnny down on bended knee proposing to Chanel?

days of our lives recap for friday, april 14, 2023, has wendy mad at johnny and chanel.
Wendy Shin couldn’t believe what was happening.

Yes, yes she did, assured Johnny, who then wondered exactly why she seemed so upset given that they weren’t exclusive and that she was currently dating “Tripp the Drip.”

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That necessitated Wendy admitting that she and Tripp hadn’t actually gone on their date, as he’d been called away to Seattle to tend to an injured Joey (Tanner Stine). More’s the pity.

Well, that’s okay, suggested Johnny. No harm, no foul. In that case, the two of them could still go on a date of their own — after his wedding to Chanel, of course, and as long as he has Chanel’s permission.

More than a little insulted, Wendy railed at Tripp, termed him “the jackass everyone says you are,” and took her leave.

Slowly but surely coming down from their mutual high, Chanel disappointed Johnny with her decision to reject his proposal, and he, in turn, retired for a nap. Having taken in the sight, Talia (Aketra Sevillian) wondered aloud what that had all been about, and Chanel granted that that’s exactly what she’s like to know.

Opposite this, Rafe, after gorging on several breakfast biscuits from Sweet Bits, began to see Jada (Elia Cantu) in a whole new light — literally. Despite her actual professional dress, Rafe’s vision of her was of a painted-up, leather-clad hussy, and he very much approved.

Sloan happened upon the sight of Rafe forcing a kiss on Jada and being sharply rebuked and found herself the victim of verbal abuse. “You’re marshing my mellow” Make that “harshing my mellow.” Rafe also confused her for Duke the Bear come back to life. “You look great. Recovered like a champ! Props to your vet!”

days of our lives recap for friday, april 14, 2023, has a vision of duke with jada.
Rafe was picturing Duke with Jada Hunter.

Soon Rafe was flat on his back and in serious need of medical attention. At University Hospital, Jada crossed paths with Stefan DiMera, who persisted in his demand to file a complaint against his brother EJ, whom he was sure attempted to murder him and Melinda Trask (Tina Huang).

After hearing that things had gone sideways for the partners-in-scheme after they enjoyed some breakfast biscuits from Sweet Bits, Jada headed to the bakery to investigate and assure Chanel and Talia that “I’m going to find out who has been drugging the citizens of Salem and I’m going to bring them to justice.”

Which is probably going to be easier said than done, considering that it was the detective’s own sister who committed the foul deed, which we learned when she flashed back to committing the dirty deed!

DAYS Recap: In No Fit State

Elsewhere, a doped Nicole couldn’t believe her eyes. What on earth was Eric doing in priest’s garb? He claimed not to know….but he saw the offending outfit as well.

Fearing that he might be struck by lightning at any moment for his sacrilege or worse, turned in to the Pope himself, Eric and Nicole dashed up to his room at the Brady Pub so that he could strip and hand the clothes to Nicole for a cleaning and a return to St. Luke’s from which he must have thieved.

Suddenly confusing Nicole’s covered-up state for one in which she was dressed in only a bikini, the two decided that they should take some pictures “for old times sake” — a nearby banana would do the job nicely! — and jump into his nearby bed for a spot of lovemaking, presumably for old times sake as well.

The exes’ afterglow was interrupted by Sloan’s arrival, and she was none too pleased by what she stumbled upon. But then it all started to become clear. “[You’re] seeing things that aren’t there, and thinking things that are there are something else, and you guys ended up in bed together, and you both don’t know how it happened? It sounds to me like you guys were drugged.”

days of our lives recap for friday, april 14, 2023, has nicole and eric naked and confused.
Poor Nicole Walker and Eric were naked and confused.

Li Shin Does Right By His Wife

Upon being apprised of the fact that when Gabi gazed up at him, all she saw was the love of her life, whom she desperately wanted to make love with, Li very nearly took advantage of the situation. At the last minute, however, he pulled away. Gabi was thankful — and violently ill all over his person.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 14, 2023, gabi got sick all over li.
Gabi Hernandez got sick on Li.

A quick trip to the hospital saw Gabi seeking refuge in Stefan’s arms and him promising her that “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

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