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Something Seems Rather Fishy About Kate Roberts

DAYS recap for Friday, April 28, 2023: Reports of Kate Roberts’ death were greatly exaggerated.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 28, 2023, an exasperated kate roberts in pig tails.Kate Roberts is alive and well...ish

On today’s Days of our Lives, Kate Roberts’ loved ones — well, her ever-loving husband, the sister-in-law she was held hostage with, the brother-in-law she’s had maybe six scenes with, and Andrew Donovan — became privy to her final moments in Bo’s presence.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Bo Brady’s (Peter Reckell) family implored him to return to the waking world, Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Chad (Billy Flynn) found time for romance, and Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) got going while the going was good. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Kate Roberts Is Alive And In Familiar Territory

Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) arrived in Greece and made a beeline for the medical center, where Bo was rushed. After reuniting with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols), Roman received an update: no change since Bo lapsed into a coma the previous day.

While Kayla exited to check on Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Roman remained behind with Steve, promising that he’d soon visit with Bo. Deducing that there was something more than jet lag to blame for Roman’s staying behind, Steve broached the elephant in the room, that was Bo’s supposed assassination of Kate (Lauren Koslow).

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“How can I ever look my little brother in the eye again and know that fact that he took Kate away from me?” wondered Roman. Steve didn’t have an easy or even a ready answer.

Despite his misgivings, Roman eventually moseyed on down the hallway and towards his baby brother’s room. There he greeted recent arrival Ciara (Victoria Konefal) and a rueful Shawn (Brandon Beemer).

Later, once the Brady/Johnson clan had reassembled in the waiting room, they were joined by Andrew Donovan (Colton Little) — fresh off learning of Harris’s (Steve Burton) lie of omission — who’d come bearing a microchip that had been removed from Bo’s brain.

Pulling out his handy dandy ISA microchip decoding laptop — because…spy stuff — Andrew set about decoding whatever data might have been stored. Amazingly, said microchip had video footage somehow recorded from Bo’s visual field because…Rolf (Richard Wharton).

Roman steeled himself and then demanded that Andrew play the recording from the time of Kate’s death. Much to the assemblage’s surprise, Bo fired his gun into the air and allowed Kate the opportunity to escape.

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days of our lives recap for friday, april 28, 2023, has steve, kayla, roman, andrew watching kate roberts not die on days of our lives recap for april 28, 2023.
They watched as Kate Roberts didn’t die on Days of our Lives.

Kate’s alive! Huzzah! Cue the celebration! But question: where the Hell is she? Answer: once again on a fishing boat, looking rather resplendent with only base makeup and some emerald earrings because…well, she’s Kate Roberts, and even in servitude, she’s fabulous!

DAYS Recap: Heavnly Dispatch

Having dreamed that Bo awoke with his loving memories returned, Hope saddled over to his bedside and attempted to make the fantasy a reality because…well, if there’s one person who could will their great love back into consciousness, it’s Hope.

Her considerable efforts were for naught, but the arrival of her children helped soften the blow, even if Hope did find herself forced to soothe Shawn’s guilty feelings about shooting his dad. Convinced to return to her hotel for a shower and some slumber, Hope ran into Harris, packed bag in hand. Where he’ll go next remains a mystery even to him.

When Hope wondered why Harris hadn’t told her right away that Bo was alive, he admitted that it had been for purely selfish reasons. Both agreed that they’d really come to care for the other, but Harris granted Hope that Bo was the love of her life. With that, the two parted.

Returning to the hospital, Hope got quite the pep talk from Nurse Angela (Loretta Devine), who encouraged her to hold out for her hero and to “keep fighting for your man until every drop of sand runs out of that great hourglass in the sky.” In a swirl of tinkling, heavenly music, Angela then disappeared so…angel?

days of our lives recap for friday, april 28, 2023, has hope brady laying next to bo in his hospital bed.
Hope Brady crawled into bed to be closer to Bo.

DOOL Recap: A Fine Time For Romance

Meanwhile, after grousing about Harris’s actions — or inaction as the case may be — and finally concluding that he’s not irredeemable — only damn close — Stephanie allowed herself to be comforted by Chad and taken over to the nearby bed where they made love. [Looks like this romance just might make it after all.]

Days of our Lives Recap: From The Great Beyond

Back at the hospital, Shawn joined Ciara post-Facetime with Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and wee Bo for a soda and chat…and boy, did Ciara have a story for him…a ghost story…a confusing ghost story to be exact.

Though they still can’t explain it, Ciara and Ben are convinced that they were visited by Bo’s spirit when they were in the hospital following his namesake grandson’s birth — but how can that be when Bo’s actually alive? Shawn didn’t have an easy answer.

days of our lives recap for friday, april 28, 2023, has ciara and shawn confiding in each other.
Ciara was trying to make Shawn Brady feel better.

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