Maggie Horton Thoroughly Enjoyed Sticking It To Alex

DAYS recap for Thursday, June 22, 2023: Apparently Victor’s worse qualities have finally rubbed off on her.

maggie horton took some digs at alex kiriakis in the days of our lives recap for thursday, june 22, 2023.Maggie Horton showed off her tough side.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Maggie Horton delighted in pointing out to Alex that the love of his life has moved well and truly on.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Chad was given food for thought, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) attempted to prove that she was over Xander (Paul Telfer) by getting underneath a besotted Rex (Kyle Lowder), and Justin (Wally Kurth) resolved to turn his back on his principles for Bonnie’s (Judi Evans) sake. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Maggie Horton Has Changed…And Not For The Better

At the Basic Black offices, Brady (Eric Martsolf) cautioned Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) against underestimating Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) — she’s no pushover. In response, Alex quipped that, while that may be the case, Maggie also had no idea how to run a business [not exactly true, but semantics]. Enter Belle (Martha Madison), reems of paper in hand. It was Alex’s employment contract, and she bid him to read it. Alex, in turn, immediately added his John Hancock to the appropriate lines.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 22, 2023 has belle black brady at basic black.
Belle spoke with Brady Black.

Did he read all the fine print, joked Belle. No need. He trusts her and Brady to do right by him. With that declared, Alex took his leave — it was obvious the siblings had other matters to discuss.

Opposite this, a stunned Chad (Billy Flynn) asked Maggie to reiterate the offer she just extended. Did she really just offer him a job at Titan? And, not just any job, but Alex’s old job as her number two? Yes, and yes. What does he say? Good question. After all, this has come as quite a surprise.

Maggie gave Chad the hard sell, granting him that he’d still work closely with Stephanie [obviously a serious concern] on the daily and that the office was within walking distance. Unfortunately, Chad and his brood are upping sticks. Where are you moving to, queried Maggie. We don’t know yet, answered Chad.

Maggie was delighted to hear of Chad and Stephanie’s decision and asked Stephanie to support Chad in whatever he decided job-wise. Before departing, Maggie expressed her desire to give DiMera Enterprises a run for their money. That will show all the naysayers.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 22, 2023 has stephanie talking to chad about maggie horton's offer.
Stephanie and Chad discussed the offer from Maggie Horton on Days of our Lives.

While Stephanie laid out all the reasons that Chad shouldn’t accept the offer on the table — he’d be taking Alex’s job [a job which he loved by the way], Maggie’s total 180 in personality since her ascension to the top spot at the company, and her worry that he’ll soon be kicked out on his “fine ass” — Maggie came upon Alex in the Horton Town Square.

She took great delight in informing Alex that not only had she offered his old job to Chad, but that Chad and Stephanie would soon be playing house together. Stab! Twist the knife!

Days of our Lives Recap: Pregnant Pause

An anxious Sarah barreled her way into Rex’s apartment — interrupting his spot of night yoga — and played him the voicemail that Bonnie left her, the one in which Bonnie expressed uncertainty about keeping Sarah’s secret a secret. At Rex’s urging, Sarah phoned Bonnie back; she was less than pleased with the update that Justin was well aware of her delicate condition.

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Equally disconcerting to Sarah was hearing that Xander was “porking Chloe Lane.” Bonnie did her best to convince Sarah to reconsider leaving Xander in the dark where her pregnancy was concerned, but Sarah was adamant. She very much does not want Xander back in her life.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 22, 2023 has bonnie kiriakis talking on the phone.
Bonnie Kiriakis tried to get Sarah to change her mind.

Once Bonnie had sworn that her and Justin’s lips were sealed and the phone call was ended, Rex inquired as to how Sarah was doing. Fine, just fine, she insisted. In fact, she’s not the least bit upset that Xander is dating Chloe. He can date whoever he wants…and so can she.

With that, Sarah leaped into Rex’s arms and covered his mouth with hers. Despite himself, Rex pulled away — and not because he was put off by her pregnancy body. He doesn’t want to be used. But the second that Sarah is truly over Xander, she knows where to find him [Rex, that is.]

Days of our Lives Recap: About A Boy

At the Brady Pub, Justin did his best to avoid spending even a second in Xander’s company, but his efforts were for naught. Sensing the battle lost, Justin made small talk, particularly about the ongoing situation at Titan.

Talk soon turned to Bonnie and her head cold and Xander’s theory that there was more than meets the eye. After all, the last time he saw Bonnie, she was acting really nervous, almost as if she knew something that she didn’t want him to find out.

Justin hemmed and hawed and finally collected the chicken noodle soup he’d come for and got going leaving Xander all the more suspicious. So suspicious, in fact, all he could do during his and Chloe’s night out was discuss his suspicions.

days of our lives recap for thursday, june 22, 2023 has xander close to kissing chloe.
Xander Cook wanted to kiss Chloe.

Luckily the subject was shelved once he and Chloe returned home. The new topic of conversation: whether or not Chloe really wanted to continue sleeping alone. She did. For now. Turns out she’s still not over Brady.

Days of our Lives Recap: Wrap It Up

Speaking of Brady, the feeling that Chloe expressed is a shared one, a fact that was discussed with Belle in addition to Kristen’s (Stacy Haiduk) conspicuous absence and Belle’s continuing estrangement from Shawn (Brandon Beemer).

In a subsequent episode ending montage, Belle returned home to find an empty bottle of vodka on her floor, Chloe and Brady flashed back to happier times together while Xander and Sarah did much the same thing. Meanwhile, Alex stewed over the could have beens with Stephanie while she and Chad hunted for houses online.

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