Days of our Lives Ghost Story: Abby’s True Wishes For Chad DiMera

Is Stephanie Johnson headed for Salem heartbreak on DAYS?

did abby really tell chad dimera to move on on days of our lives?Ghost Abby and Chad DiMera.

It’s been a year since Abigail was murdered on Days of our Lives. And Chad hasn’t even remarried yet. That’s some kind of Salem record!

Days of our Lives Polling

Chad (Billy Flynn) is dating Stephanie (Abigail Klein). Because he believes Ghost Abby told him to go ahead and move on, she is totes chill with that. But is that the real Abby speaking or Chad’s wishful thinking?

Days of our Lives: Chad DiMera Back From Before

Abby (Marci Miller) has been dead before, 8% remind. And Chad (Billy Flynn) has moved on before with Gabi (Camila Banus). That was all kinds of awkward when Abby returned, wanting her husband and her son back. Sure, that time, she was just presumed dead, and this time, we had a body and everything. But this is Salem. Can Chad take the risk?

DAYS: The Children’s Hour

If Abby does want Chad to move on with Stephanie, it’s only for Thomas and Charlotte’s sake, 24% insist. She doesn’t want her babies to grow up without a mother’s love, and Cousin Stephanie genuinely cares for the tots. Abby would prefer it if Chad were celibate forever. But she can’t be petty where the kids are concerned. She’s being generous. Also, she’s dead. And doesn’t have a lot of say in the matter.

Days of our Lives: Good as It Gets, Chad DiMera

Running with that, Abigail is dead, and she isn’t coming back theme, 68% are willing to buy that it really was his wife’s ghost that Chad saw, and she really did encourage him to move on without her. Abby loved Chad, and she wants him — not just Thomas and Charlotte — to be happy. He’s got a lot of years left to live, and it would be a waste to do it alone. Plus, this way, Chad can continue to worship his late wife and go on and on about what a saint she was. Have a good time with that, Steph!

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