Lying Liar Who Lies Colin Bedford Lied Some More

DAYS recap for Thursday, June 8, 2023: Colin Bedford was pretty par for the course.

colin bedford played with paulina price and rafe hernandez in the days of our lives recap for thursday, june 8, 2023.Colin Bedford was up to no good once again.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Colin Bedford attempted to offset his predicament by telling a falsehood about Salem’s missing mayor.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Talia (Aketra Sevillian) agreed to get to the root cause of her criminality, Rafe unknowingly arrived at Abe’s (James Reynolds) location, and Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Tripp (Lucas Adams), unbecomingly, vied for Wendy’s (Victoria Grace) affection. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Colin Bedford Tells A Tale

A new day dawns. Paulina (Jackée Harry) greeted the day by checking herself out of University Hospital — against doctor’s orders — and barreling into the police station — the interrogation room where Colin (Jasper Newman) sat to be more precise — with the intention of finding out where the Hell her husband was.

Colin responded by staring at her with all the malice of a cobra readying to strike, prompting Rafe (Galen Gering) to huff that the villain has been exercising his 5th Amendment rights since his (re)arrest.

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Paulina, in turn, threatened to strangle the truth out of Colin which necessitated Rafe holding her in place and begging her to let him do his job [what a novel concept!]. Enter Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) to complain about her client being questioned without her expressed approval.

The trio [that’s Paulina, Rafe, and Sloan] engaged in a lively debate over whether or not Colin knew of Abe’s whereabouts. Paulina and Rafe took the position that he most certainly did; Sloan disagreed strenuously. Colin piped up that he did indeed know. And what’s more, if they let him out of there, he’ll take them to him.

Sloan demanded and received [albeit begrudgingly] time alone with her client during which she got Colin to confess that he’s just told a lie. But to what end? So that he can finagle an escape!

Sloan complained that such an act could result in his untimely end, and that’s just something that she couldn’t bear. How selfish of Colin. He’s literally her only living relative, the only family that she has left.

And while she was spitting out harsh truths, Sloan urged Colin to plead guilty so that she could work to get him a favorable plea bargain. And yes, he’s going to have to spend some time in prison. That’s an unavoidable reality.

DAYS Recap: Making A Statement

Having awakened with a start after quite the Colin-related nightmare, Talia got out of bed [not so] ready to face the day. Enter Jada (Elia Cantu) to express concern about her sister being up and about after her trying night.

Talia relayed her bad dream and queried whether or not Jada believed Colin was really responsible for Abe’s abduction. She does. It’s just too coincidental that he and Abe both went missing at the exact same time from the exact same place. “If he’s not responsible, I don’t know who else it can be.”

The conversation then turned to the previous night’s events and Talia copped to having been relieved that Colin had forgiven her for ruining his plans. In fact, she’d been mightily tempted to accompany him on the lam. She missed him. All that said, she does know, deep down, that she did the right thing.

Jada subsequently floated the idea of Talia seeing a therapist in the hopes that she could work through her feelings “and everything that happened and why.” To that, Talia sniffed that there wasn’t much point. She’s probably going to prison anyway.

Jada then chastised Talia for her defeatist attitude and wondered where the strong woman that she used to know had gone. She never existed in the first place, replied Talia. It was all an act. She never thought that she measured up, so she put a lot of pressure on herself –that’s the only reason she succeeded at anything.

Jada insisted that Talia’s success had everything to do with her being bright, gifted, and working hard as Hell. Her sister is someone who doesn’t get up. Jada apologized for not realizing how much Talia was suffering and wondered if she’d go and talk with Marlena (Deidre Hall) for her benefit. Talia agreed to do so.

days of our lives recap for june 8, 2023, has chanel and talia talking about colin bedford.
Chanel questioned Talia about her relationship with Colin Bedford on Days of our Lives.

Later, Chanel, who had, in a little under an hour, learned from Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) that Paulina was MIA from the hospital and managed to track her down and re-admit her, ran into Talia. The convo was brief and contentious and concluded with Talia fed up at having to say that she was sorry.

DOOL Recap: Cuckoo’s Nest

At Nurse Whitley’s (Kim Coles) apartment, Abe awoke after a peculiar dream. As he explained to “Paulina,” they were both back at the hospital but she wasn’t looking quite like herself. Whitley dismissively waved it away and offered to prepare Abe a breakfast — but her proposed menu of eggs and sausage did not go down a treat. Abe HATES sausage! How could Paulina forget that? Is she the one with amnesia?

Later, Abe put in a request for TV privileges only to be told that the cable bill hadn’t been paid [in actuality, Whitley had disconnected the cable in fear that Abe might catch a news broadcast and become privy to her subterfuge]. Luckily for him [or not], Whitley had an archive of her favorite soap opera, Body & Soul, on VHS. He can watch those.

No sooner had a departing Whitley warned Abe against opening the door to strangers [and honestly, who isn’t a stranger to Abe?], especially strangers claiming to be police officers than Rafe came calling in an attempt to follow up with the nutty nurse.

days of our lives recap for june 8, 2023, has rafe waiting at the door.
Rafe Hernandez wants to talk with Nurse Whitley.

Days of our Lives Recap: Three Of A Kind

Elsewhere, AKA Wendy’s abode, Wendy made it clear to Tripp that she didn’t intend to jump to any conclusions where Johnny was concerned, even if he had stood her up the entire night and didn’t so much as call her with a suitable explanation. She’d learned her lesson after Buscuitgate.

Tripp agreed that it wasn’t a good look for Johnny to keep ghosting her, and Wendy offered that trashing Johnny just to score points wasn’t such a good look for him. Touché! Tripp granted that he’s being a jerk, but it upsets him to see Wendy upset. However, if Wendy’s not upset, then neither is he.

days of our lives recap for june 8, 2023, has shirtless tripp talking to wendy on the couch.
Shirtless Tripp Johnson talks with Wendy.

Wendy was upset, but not too upset to accept a passionate kiss from Tripp, and she was hopeful that Johnny had a good explanation…and he did…which he gave to her as soon as he and Chanel (Raven Bowens) — who’d spent the whole of last night down at the cop shop — parted ways.

Johnny and Wendy made plans for later in the evening — dinner at the Bistro at 8 pm — and Tripp cooly informed Wendy that he’d have her favorite meal on hold just in case Johnny was to let her down…again.

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