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Hope Brady Cries Out As Shawn Shoots Bo To Save Her Life

DAYS recap for Monday, April 24, 2023: One step forward, one giant leap back.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 24, 2023 hope brady mouth agape at shawn's handiworkHope Brady reacts in horror as she takes in her son's handiwork.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Hope Brady manages to pull Bo back from the proverbial brink only to see him grievously wounded.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) rode to Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), Stephanie (Abigail Klein), and Chad’s (Billy Flynn) rescue, and Andrew (Colton Little) filled John (Drake Hogestyn) and company in on a few salient points. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Hope Brady Gets A Shock

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Bo (Peter Reckell)…standing before her…in the…flesh?! Is she dreaming? Is it really real?

Bo assured her that it was. Tactile contact confirmed. But Hope was still confused. If Harris had found Bo when he conducted the initial sweep of Victor’s childhood abode, why didn’t he tell her? Why did he lie?

Bo copped to being the instigator. He didn’t want Harris to relay the news. And why would he do that, queried Hope.

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Bo groused that he figured Harris didn’t want and/or need the competition. But there was no competition as far as Hope was concerned. “If I had known you were alive…you’re the love of my life…you’re the only one I want.”

Sensing that something was still amiss, Hope inquired further. Was Bo angry at her? Mad? Did he blame her, resent her even, for not finding him sooner? Hope bemoaned the years she spent believing that Bo has passed and rued the grief, the constant grief that had consumed her.

However, that’s all in the past, at least, as far as Hope is concerned. For Bo, it’s a different story. He insisted that he was “no longer that man.” He’s not the Bo that Hope either remembers or loves. “Thanks to Rolf, you could say I was reborn.” And don’t call him Brady. He’s a Kiriakis!

days of our lives recap for monday, april 24, 2023, has bo explaining to hope brady.
Hope Brady didn’t understand what Bo was saying on Days of our Lives.

Days of our Lives Recap: Hope Brady, You’re In Danger, Girl

Hope attempted to appeal Bo’s better angels. She evoked the names of his children, and his namesake grandson. It was all for naught. Bo railed at Hope’s inability to listen to what he was saying, to grasp the new him. “Just like Steve and Kayla.”

With that declaration — and an explanation that Steve (Stephen Nichols) is stewing in the wine cellar and that Kayla is cooling her heels elsewhere — Bo led Hope on an expedition to a nearby cliff, gun in hand. Having decided that he “can’t be the man he’s meant to be” with Hope in the picture, Bo readied to put a bullet in her.

Opposite this, a frustrated Steve tried and failed to jimmy open his prison door with a spoon. After determining that there were no crawlspaces or air vents through which he could shimmy, Steve then began chiseling away at a crack in the wall nearest the door. In no time flat he’d created a hole large enough to reach through and unlock the deadbolt on the other side. Victory was his!

Elsewhere, Harris admitted to Shawn (Brandon Beemer) that not only was his father alive and not at all well, but that he’d purposefully kept the news from Hope before eventually sending the two on a collision course.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 24, 2023, shawn was shocked by what harris said.
Shawn Brady was shocked by what Harris said.

Back at the clifftop, with Bo’s gun pointed squarely at her, Hope defiantly refused to believe that Megan’s brainwashing could permanently erase Bo’s feelings for her. “Nothing will ever extinguish [our] love.” And she was right. To a soulful melody, all of Bo’s Hope-related memories came flooding back.

But no sooner had Bo turned up his weapon and issued a “Fancy Face” than Shawn shot him from behind! While Hope wailed over her love’s prone body, Steve arrived on the scene and took in the carnage.

DAYS Recap: In The Nick Of Time

Meanwhile, an incredulous Steph listened and attempted to process Kayla’s claims that Bo had no intention of returning to Salem and that he instead intended to make a fortune and build an empire off the back of her synthesizing Rolf’s (Richard Wharton) anti-aging formula.

After observing that “[Bo] may have Kiriakis blood, but he’s always been a Brady at heart,” Steph was further surprised to hear that her uncle’s sudden change in character was down to Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) ordering Rolf to mess with Bo’s brain. That she can understand…she thinks.

Before the trio could beat a hasty retreat, they were confronted by a gun-toting Thomas Banks (Eileen Davidson) who’d managed to pay off the local authorities and tracked them down with two goals in mind: getting his hands on those “three pricy prisms” and revenging himself on Chad, the man who maimed him.

Quick thinking, ever resourceful Steph sent Harris an SOS text, and the Navy Seal was able to sneak up on, and incapacitate, Thomas.

days of our lives recap for monday, april 24, 2023, has harris getting the best of thomas.
Harris Michaels got the best of Thomas Banks.

Days of our Lives Recap: Oh What A Night

Much like Hope before them, Marlena (Deidre Hall), John, and Roman (Josh Taylor) were at a loss. Bo…alive? Bo…Kayla’s kidnapper? Bo…Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) killer?! To quote John, “That’s one for the books. Even for Salem.”

Roman refused to give any credence to what Megan said, but things made sense to Marlena — at least as far as Bo’s resurrection. After all, she was aware that there was another cryogenic tube at the compound where she, Kate, and Kayla were being held, and they’d never been apprised of who the occupant had been.

After Roman postured for a bit about all the bad things he was going to do to wring the truth out of Megan, Marlena drove him home and worked to soothe his ire. That left John and Andrew alone and provided them with ample opportunity to talk…and sip hot cocoa.

John was quick to point out that if what Megan said was true, then they’d have to remember that “[Bo] was under Megan’s influence.” And John knows from personal experience “just how powerful that influence is.” But also, said influence is reversible.

Andrew expressed concern over how Harris would react to Hope and Bo’s inevitable reunion and confided in John that he and Paul (Christopher Sean) had decided to try and make another go of it. John couldn’t have been more thrilled.

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