Gabi Hernandez and Stefan Play A Dangerous Game For Power

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On today’s Days of our Lives, Gabi Hernandez and Stefan come together with a specific, mercenary purpose in mind.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) put Leo on notice, Gwen (Emily O’Brien) put Xander on blast, and Johnny offered to put himself in the line of fire to make amends to Tripp…and Wendy (Victoria Grace). Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Gabi Hernandez And Stefan Play With Fire

At Wendy’s crowded abode, AKA Grand Central Station, Gabi (Camila Banus) reluctantly, and unappreciatively, chowed down on the breakfast Li (Remington Hoffman) provided her.

As has become rote, the two bickering bickersons bickered over Gabi’s disinterest in their relationship, and her obvious interest in reuniting with Stefan and pooling their resources to take over DiMera Enterprises.

And, as per usual, Li was quick to remind Gabi that any and all relations had between her and Stefan would result in their agreement becoming null and void and his shares reverting back to him.

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Before Gabi took the opportunity to storm out in a huff, Li presented her with a gift: a business proposal concealed in a box from Gabi’s favorite department store, Saxton’s. Gabi wasn’t grateful…nor was she particularly thrilled when Li elaborated that said business proposal would necessitate her pitching a brand-new fashion label to the outlet. After all, she’s still stinging over the loss of Gabi Chic.

But Li has faith that his wife can start anew. And he even had suggestions for the name: Haus of Shin, Gabi Shin Originals, and/or Gabriella Shin Limited. Gabi balked at each possibility, but she did begin to come around to the idea proper…not that she admitted that to Li.

Opposite this, the brothers DiMera laid their respective — and metaphorical — cards on the table. The drugging and the cross-drugging had been rumbled, and the supposed truce between them was well and truly busted.

Also, EJ admitted that he wasn’t in the least bit sorry for any of it. He wasn’t sorry that he kept quiet about Stefan’s brainwashing, and he wasn’t sorry that he stood by and watched Stefan mistreat Gabi and make a fool of himself with Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), and he wasn’t sorry for trying to give Stefan a literal taste of his own medicine. He regrets nothing.

So what now, wondered Stefan, also pointing out that, “We’re even, ostensibly.” EJ suggested that they make peace — again — and for real this time. Assurances were given, promises made, and an agreement was reached — and neither brother intended to uphold it in the slightest.

Stefan made an immediate beeline for Gabi, filled her in on the details, and resolved to work with her to oust EJ from the company and ascend the joint throne.

Li Shin may want to work with EJ on the sly.

Meanwhile, EJ ushered Li into the DiMera manse — through the back door, of course. “The servants like to gossip,” don’t you know? — and proposed that the two of them brainstorm ways to keep Li and Gabi married for life. But what’s in it for EJ?

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“The satisfaction of knowing that I finally succeeded in prying [Gabi’s] grasping little fingers off of my brother and off our family fortune.”

DAYS Recap: Warning Shots

With a menacing Alex advancing on him, Leo (Greg Rikaart) swore that he didn’t set out to keep Alex from getting the Titan CEOship. In fact, all he really did do was call up Victor and ask him for a comment on Alex’s boudoir shenanigans. How was he to know there would be unforeseen consequences?

At least the men could agree that no one saw Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) ascension to the top spot coming.

Alex Kiriakis warned Leo to stay out of his business.

Alex issued a threat to Leo. “Keep my name out of your mouth, and out of your skeevy little column, and maybe I’ll let you live.” After, Alex set about getting dressed and disabusing Leo of the notion that romance was blossoming between him and Gwen.

Elsewhere, in an office at The Spectator, to be specific, Gwen delighted in rubbing her one night — and one morning — stand with Alex in Xander’s (Paul Telfer) face.

Incensed, Xander took his leave, ran right smack into Alex, and cautioned him against associating with Gwen ever again.

Undeterred, Alex gave as good as he got, resulting in Xander doubling down. “This is your last warning. Stay away from Gwen, or you will regret it.”

Xander Cook warns Alex to steer clear of Gwen.

Back at rag headquarters, Leo slyly encouraged Gwen to pit Alex and Xander against one another.

Johnny DiMera Tries To Make Amends

Having learned from a preening Li that Wendy was visiting Tripp (Lucas Adams) at University Hospital, Johnny (Carson Boatman) headed that way, caught the two in a slightly compromising position — granting no one should so gingerly or so enthusiastically wipe a crumb from a “good friend’s mouth” — and surprised them by offering to come clean about the subterfuge he employed to access those confidential files.

Tripp asked that Johnny not do anything of the sort, happy as he was that he only received a slap on the wrist for the incident. “It’ll die down…unless you go and speak to my supervisor and stir it back all up again…the best thing that you can do for me is stay out of this.”

For her part, Wendy was more than impressed with her beau. “You admitted you were wrong. And you were ready to take the blame. A lot of guys wouldn’t do that. You made me proud.”

Johnny DiMera’s apology was appreciated by Wendy.

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