Dimitri Von Leuschner Is A Hot Lips Hoolligan

DAYS recap for Friday, July 7, 2023: Dimitri did what he had to do to keep Leo in line.

days of our lives recap for friday, july 7, 2023, dimitri plants one on leo.Dimitri plants one on Leo.

In today’s Days of our Lives recap, Leo gets the goods on Dimitri, but he’s the one taken by surprise.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) gives Belle (Martha Madison) serious cause for concern, Eric (Greg Vaughan) shows up for Nicole (Arianne Zucker) when she’s most in need of comfort, and Gabi’s (Camila Banus) plight tickles Kate (Lauren Koslow) to no end. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Otherwise Engaged

Though delighted that Gwen (Emily O’Brien) said yes to his proposal, Dimitri (Peter Porte) was a bit taken aback to hear that his mother played a part in his fiancée’s decision-making.

As Gwen subsequently explained, she’d been moved by Megan’s (Miranda Wilson) encouragement to seize opportunities and not let life pass her by. But she’d also been moved by seeing just how much Dimitri loved his loved mother and how scared he was at the thought of losing her. And there’s more to it than that, much more, but Gwen suggested they celebrate.

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And by celebrating, she very much meant falling onto the nearby bed and doing what newly engaged couples naturally do. Dimitri was game…but he also wanted to tap out and go and tell his mommy the good news. In the end, Gwen won out.

Post lovemaking, the couple decided that it would behoove them to not mention exactly why it was they were tardy sharing the most joyous development with Megan. Also paramount: setting a date for the wedding. Gwen wasn’t too enthused by Dimitri’s suggestion they wed that very day, but she agreed to ring in his 40th birthday by marrying him.

Opposite this [interior: DiMera mansion], Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) demanded to know why Leo (Greg Rikaart) was robbing her ancestorial home and threatened to sic the authorities on him when he hedged. Straightening his shoulders back, Leo declared that he was there to get the goods on DVL [that’s Leospeak for Dimitri Von Leuschner].

Why, inquired Kristen. Does Leo have a bit of a schoolboy crush on her nephew? Hardly! His one and only goal is to keep his bestest friend in the whole wild world from getting her heart broken by a user — which he’s beyond certain Dimitri very much is.

A sudden onrush of memories from afternoons past led Kristen to declare that Leo might be on to something…but she then refused to “spill the tea.” Leo huffed and puffed and made out like he was heading out the front door but then scurried upstairs to root around Dimitri’s bedroom.

In no time flat, Leo found all the proof he needed to bring the baddie down. Upon being caught [drat!] out, Leo bellowed that there was nothing Dimitri could do to stop him — prompting Dimitri to put that to the test by shoving his tongue down Leo’s throat!

DOOL Recap: Demon In A Bottle

Belle and Shawn’s prearranged luncheon at the Brady Pub came to a swift end when the former made comment about the latter drinking a beer while on duty [break or no break]. Roman (Josh Taylor), fresh off a visit to the memorial put up in Abe’s (James Reynolds) honor, played sounding board for Belle and was chagrined to realize just how much his nephew was suffering.

Days of our Lives Recap: Captive Audience

At University Hospital, Kate and EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) were flummoxed to learn from Gabi that Rolf (Richard Wharton) had spirited Megan out of her room [and placed Gabi in her bed replete with handcuffs] and into his waiting submarine. While EJ took off in a desperate attempt to stop the villains, Kate hung around to poke fun at her frenemy before finally calling in the authorities. Shawn answered the summons and was far from pleased.

Shawn ran off to the dock to investigate. And, by “investigate,” we mean pretending to look for the missing Megan but instead calling his mom to warn her and then grabbing the bottle.

days of our lives recap for july 7, 2023, has shawn brady guzzling the booze.
Shawn Brady continued to drink.

DAYS Recap: Close Connection

While scouring the docks for any sight of Megan and Rolf, EJ came upon a distraught Nicole boohooing in Eric’s arms. Caught, Nicole explained that she’d grown emotional while visiting Abe’s memorial and Eric had offered her some comfort. EJ understood. Or at least he said he did.

Eric quickly became a third wheel as EJ beamed about Nicole’s pregnancy. He was happy to hear all was well. However, he still wanted to bring in the specialist. The couple went home to enjoy some time together.

days of our lives recap for july 7, 2023, has a close moment for nicole and ej.
EJ DiMera was happy to have Nicole in his arms.

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