DAYS Spoilers Recap For October 12: Johnny and Wendy Form An Alliance

They both want the truth, so why not search for it together?

DAYS Spoilers Recap for Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The DAYS spoilers recap for Wednesday, October 12, 2022, has spawn from two warring families teaming up for the greater good…what could possibly go wrong?

DAYS Spoilers Recap Highlights

Once acquaintances were made, Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) and Wendy Shin (Victoria Grace) got to know one another — broad strokes only. He’s EJ DiMera’s (Dan Feuerriegel) son, Stefan O. DiMera’s (Brandon Barash) nephew, and has very little to do with the family company; she’s Li Shin’s (Remington Hoffman) younger, smarter sister who’s tired of her dead-end job in Alaska.

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Later, after the twosome cross paths yet again, the conversation gets a little more in-depth. They both find it highly irregular, nay suspicious that Stefan emerged from his four-year coma with nary a happy memory of great love Gabi Hernandez DiMera (Camila Banus), and Johnny admitted that he’s pretty sure his pops had something to do with that.

Upon deciding that they both want answers to a plethora of questions, Johnny and Wendy decide to team up and get them themselves.

DOOL Recap: Mother Courage

Sloan Peterson (Jessica Serfaty) is scum…that is a fact. Equally true is that Sloan has Paulina Price Carver (Jackée Harry) and Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) over a barrel. You see, the latter did a bad, bad thing when she was in college. Blackmail worthy bad. Slasher films have been predicated on similar circumstances bad. Still, Paulina is determined to save her daughter from herself; well, Paulina and her crack team of troubleshooters.

Days of our Lives Recap: Close But No Cigar

Just when it seemed like Gabi had reached Stefan, the amnesiac who doesn’t know that he is the one who shut her down — hard! Gabi persisted; Stefan did not thank her for it. Sadly, no further progress was made this day.

DOOL Recap: Facts And Figures

Alexander Neil Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) had a major bone to pick with Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein), and pick he did; his efforts did little more than prove him a jackass. Turns out Stephanie and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) didn’t sleep together the night before — though they’d really wanted to — and even if they had, it would have been quite all right, because that would have been their choice. Stephanie doesn’t have to like Alex just because he likes her. Got it, Alex, you creep?!

DAYS Spoilers Recap: Big Man On Campus

Li does not like to lose; he likes losing to EJ even less. So, when EJ started making pronouncements that he was going to hand Li’s behind to him on a silver platter, Li took him aside and revealed that he holds all the cards. If EJ so much as looks at him the wrong way, Li will have Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (Richard Wharton) reverse Stefan’s brainwashing, and it would behoove everyone — save for Gabi — if Stefan were to go on as he is now. EJ agreed…but he insisted on ousting Gabi as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. That was nonnegotiable; Li acquiesced.

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