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DAYS Recap: John Talked Brady Out Of Running With Rachel

As if anything shady would ever get past super sleuth John Black.

days of our lives recap for thursday, august 10, 2023, two images, brady and john.Brady actually listens to some common sense.

In the Days of our Lives recap for August 10, 2023, John got wind of Brady’s latest harebrained scheme and did his utmost to father some sense into him. It seems to have worked…for now.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Jada’s (Elia Cantu) motormouth led to an awkward cross, and Chad (Billy Flynn) and Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) “gentlemen’s agreement” blew up in both their faces…Chad’s more so than Alex’s, but still. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Mother’s Daze

At Casa Black, John (Drake Hogestyn) came upon a despondent Brady (Eric Martsolf) packing Rachel’s (Finley Rose Slater) suitcase so that she can “leave home and move in with Kristen for good.” John attempted to comfort his son, but ragey Brady raged, “Nothing’s ever going to be normal again!”

Opposite this, Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) gloated to EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) that she’d soon be in possession of her daughter. What glorious, amazing news that was. EJ wondered if she’d bribed the judge and Kristen was offended-ish. Brother then offered sister his congratulations and reveled in her beating “that sanctimonious bastard” at his own game. That makes him very happy.

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Cut back to John and Brady: the former questions just how far Brady would go to protect Rachel. Would he…say…buy a car with an out-of-state registration so he could drive away with her under the cover of darkness? What?! No! Of course not! Maybe…why would John even ask that?

Turns out Brady used the home’s Wi-Fi to make the purchase and said purchase was flagged by John’s sophisticated spyware as suspicious. John endeavored to convince Brady of the holes in his plan, how he and Rachel would forever be on the run, how Rachel would never forgive him, and how she’d hate him for keeping her from her mother.

Brady railed. Insisted that he was doing the right thing for the right reasons. How could he, in good conscience, turn Rachel over to that monster? But turn her over he eventually did. And it was a good thing too, considering that Kristen was ready to send the cavalry after her ex.

DAYS Recap: Changing Of The Guard

At the Brady Pub, Rafe (Galen Gering) tried to get a conversation going with Jada about Lady Whistleblower’s latest column, but the lady detective was far more interested in discussing the indignity that was Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) appointment to Rafe’s old job. Doesn’t it hurt Rafe that it was Shawn, of all people, who was promoted?

Rafe granted that it did sting a bit, but he was responsible for his own firing. Sleeping with a subordinate and all that. And besides, who else should they have given it to? How about her, floated Jada. Did she actually want the job? Not exactly. But it would have been nice to be asked. That certainly would have beat watching “a flawed white guy” fall his way to the top.

And sure, Shawn had initially passed on the offer, and he did suggest her, but still — Shawn was in the right place, at the right time, with the right skin tone. So now, she has to take orders from a drunk who shot his own father and put him into a coma and oh my goodness Shawn was standing right behind her; yes, he was.

Jada made profuse apologies and swore that she was just venting. Shawn, for his part, took it all in great stride. As he’d explained to Belle (Martha Madison) earlier, this may just be what he needs to heal and start believing in himself again. Not that he relishes the opportunity coming at Rafe’s expense.

DOOL Recap: A Fine Mess

Meanwhile, as Kristen laid into Chad and EJ for coming up with the worst plan ever — as if Chad going behind Stephanie’s (Abigail Klein) back to scare off the competition wouldn’t blow up in his face — Alex, who’d actually put in considerable effort to avoid contact with Steph, let slip to her exactly what went down between him and Chad.

And in Alex’s defense, he’d merely been trying to get out of being forced to work alongside Steph at the whim of crazy Yuri (Josh Flagg) who, despite being fairly uninterested in Alex’s “domestic soap opera,” opined that Alex now had a 60/40 chance of winning a seriously peeved Steph back.

As for seriously peeved Steph, she greeted Chad — who’d conceded that Kristen had a point and who had raced home to get out in front of the issue — by throwing some wine in his face.

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