DAYS Recap: Gabi Reluctantly Decides To Let Li Live Another Day

But if she ever, EVER hears about him targeting her love, she’ll make him go the way of Nick Fallon.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, july 18, 2023, two images a gun-toting gabi and li.A gun-toting Gabi needed to get things straight with Li.

In the Days of our Lives recap for July 18, 2023, the soon-to-be Mrs. Stefan DiMera left her ex in the dust…but at least he was alive and well and able to tell the story.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Brady Black’s day went from bad to worse, Dimitri’s (Peter Porte) cover was well and truly blown, and Li’s (Remington Hoffman) attempts to move on hit a major snag. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: By The Skin Of His Teeth

Li was very surprised to find Gabi (Camila Banus) at his front door, and even more so when she pulled a gun from her purse and readied to fire. He begged her to have mercy. He begged her to think before she acted. He wondered if she really had it in her to shoot him.

Not only did Gabi assure Li that she had what it takes, but she also reminded him that he wouldn’t be the first ex-husband she did it to. Perhaps he and Nick Fallon could compare notes while they were both burning in Hell?

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Li swore to Gabi that there was no need to kill him. He’s totally over her. Well, almost totally. She’ll probably always be the love of his life, but he knows that they’re over. “Since when,” demanded an unconvinced Gabi. Since Wendy (Victoria Grace) came to visit him at the police station and made him face some hard truths…like how he shouldn’t throw his whole life away over someone who doesn’t love him back. It was hard to hear, even harder to process, but Li did just that.

As further proof of his claim, Li revealed that he’d hired a matchmaker. Filled out a profile and everything. Gabi took a perusal of said profile and didn’t like what she saw. Since when is Li a cat lover? And, what’s this about Lisbon being his “home away from home” — and, the Wall Street Journal? Li doesn’t read the Wall Street Journal.

Li shrugged and declared that he was “trying to cast a wide net.” Okay? Was the evidence before Gabi enough to suffice? Had it convinced her? Yes, conditionally.

DAYS Recap: Actions = Consequences

Thanks to Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) telling tales out of school, Brady had some explaining to do when Detective Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) came calling. The fact that Rachel also ratted out Brady hiding the gun he’d used to threaten Kristen, didn’t work in his favor.

At the police station, Brady (Eric Martsolf) came clean about his and Kristen’s contentious confrontation — against the advice of Belle (Martha Madison) who’d earlier tangled with Kristen over this very subject — all in the hopes of putting this behind him. But, Melinda (Tina Huang) wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted Brady booked and bailed. Somebody in that town is going to go down for something, come Hell or high water!

DOOL Recap: Quid Pro Quo

After parting ways with his secret lover, Dimitri found out that his and Leo’s (Greg Rikaart) loving wasn’t so secret, thanks to Rachel [that little brat has a lot to answer for]. Luckily for Dimitri, Auntie Kristen doesn’t care who he’s sleeping with and/or cheating on. Unfortunately for Dimitri, Kristen doesn’t have any intention of keeping mum unless he promises to split the inheritance he’ll receive upon marrying Gwen (Emily O’Brien).

It’s a big ask. Huge ask. But, Dimitri agrees. Kristen further cements their partnership by riding to Dimitri’s defense when EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) and Stefan (Brandon Barash) — who’d finally found some common ground when it comes to hating Megan (Miranda Wilson) and not trusting their nephew — attempted to evict him. Family first, and all that jazz.

As for Leo, he managed to soothe Gwen’s ruffled feathers over not being able to get in touch with her fiancé with a big ole whopper of a lie. Now he and Dimitri will have to plan a big ole surprise to keep up the charade.

Days of our Lives Recap: Before The Fade To Black

At Small Bar, Li was instructed to be on the lookout for a woman with long dark hair wearing a blue dress. Enter Melinda, she of the long hair and clad in a gown of dark blue hue. To quote Li, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Meanwhile, Rachel overheard Belle and Brady discussing the very real possibility that he was bound for prison and began to debate whether or not she’d overstepped in calling the cops on her daddy.

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