DAYS Recap: EJ’s New Job Turned Into Gabi’s Worst Nightmare

Turnabout is fair play, Mrs. Hernandez DiMera.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, november 7, 2023, episode 14721, ej and gabi.EJ gets one over on Gabi.

In the recap for November 7, 2023, EJ accepted a job offer that put Gabi in his crosshairs. What’s that they say about irony?

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Wendy ripped a sad Melinda a new one over Li, and Rafe was convinced that his sister was speaking the truth — but not that said truth was guaranteed to set her free. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

You Know What They Say About Karma

Having wrapped up a pleasing phone call with Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) — oh how happy she was that her bestie and Eric (Greg Vaughan) married; and yes, that will help speed up the adoption process! — Melinda (Tina Huang) attempted to play nice with Paulina (Jackée Harry). “Attempted” being the operative word.

Paulina wasn’t interested in her former subordinate’s congratulations. Yes, she bested Clint Rawlings in a landslide, but Melinda wasn’t about to butter her up and get her old job back. Think again, lady! Paulina needs a D.A. who can deliver. A D.A. who won’t disappoint her.

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Melinda argued that Madam Mayor would never find someone as “capable, qualified, and cutthroat” and hissed that, as a citizen of Paulina’s Salem, she was very concerned by how things were being run. Paulina, for her part, told Melinda to address her concerns at the next town hall. It’s the third Tuesday of every month.

Soon Paulina was knocking on the DiMera mansion’s front door, halting EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) and Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) efforts to make it upstairs. And, just after Nicole had finally convinced EJ to put off plotting revenge against Gabi (Camila Banus) and Stefan (Brandon Barash) till morning. D’oh!

Paulina cut right to the chase. She was there to offer EJ a job. And, not just any job, but Rawlins’s former position: deputy mayor. EJ issued a hard pass. But, after Nicole pressed him and Paulina played the nearly-in-laws card, EJ seemed to be relenting.

Meanwhile, Harris (Steve Burton) hauled Gabi down to the station and listened to her protest her innocence the whole way. Once alone with Rafe (Gale Gering), Gabi swore on Arianna’s life that she didn’t kill Li (Remington Hoffman), all the damning evidence against her notwithstanding.

The siblings put their heads together and tried to suss out what might have happened. Rafe’s best theory? Lonely, unstable, jobless Li was finally pushed to his breaking point and he framed Gabi for his own murder. Makes as much sense as anything.

And it made even more sense than EJ suddenly sweeping into the interrogation room and announcing that he was both the new D.A. (what happened to being deputy mayor?) and looking forward to making Gabi his first conviction.

Blame Game

A shell-shocked Wendy (Victoria Grace) could but weep and threaten to “tear that bitch’s eyes out” — “that bitch” being Gabi. She’d never stopped messing with her brother, his head, his heart. Despite himself, he’d loved her, and Gabi used and abused him time and time again.

Now Wendy intended to make Gabi pay — and pay dearly. First, she’d have to settle for yelling at a condolence-bearing Melinda. Was she happy now? Happy that Li was down for the count? Surely she must be. She was just another one of the power-hungry predators who screwed him over to get what she wanted. LITERALLY!

Melinda countered that Li had played her just as much as she played him and that she’d actually come to like him. She could even imagine the two of them making a real go of it. And no matter what happened between them, she would never wish this upon him. She was sorry that he was gone. She’d let her professional goals supersede her personal desires and she truly regrets it.

Wendy huffed and followed Tripp back to their apartment. Upon arriving, Wendy collapsed into a heap near the spot where Li died and wept.

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