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Anna and Tony DiMera Worry Megan May Resurrect Stefano

The DAYS recap for Monday, February 27, 2023: Their concern is justified. Stefano wasn’t called The Phoenix for nothing.

days of our lives recap for monday, february 27, 2023 tony and anna dimeraTony and Anna DiMera ponder Megan's purpose.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Anna and Tony DiMera try to suss out his little sister’s endgame and hit upon a most shocking possibility.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) regaled Paulina (Jackée Harry) and Abe (James Reynolds) with the tale of how she Walk-ered into Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) life, and Big Bad Megan (Miranda Wilson) failed to fill her…uh…guests with much confidence. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Anna And Tony DiMera Fear The Wost

Tony (Thaao Penghlis) was incredulous. What do John (Drake Hogestyn) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) mean when they say that Megan Hathaway is alive and well and out there in the world scheming up a storm? Didn’t Larry Welch crack her skull open when he threw her against a wall and then tossed her body into a hot tub which he then electrified? And didn’t that happen THIRTY-EIGHT years ago? What in the fresh Hell is this?

Yes, yes, and yes, came the super-spies’ reply. But what Tony didn’t know, what no one knew until last year, is that Stefano absconded with Megan’s body and kept her on ice until one of his legions of mad scientists could resurrect her. And since that time, she’s been doing her papa proud, what with the murders she’s ordered and the unholy experiments she’s overseen.

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Why am I just hearing about this now, groused Tony? Because Megan’s mere existence is considered classified information, especially in light of the last stunt that she pulled, explained Steve. And what, pray tell, did she get up to “last time” then? Well, she — or rather, her brainwashed lackey — scoured the globe and uncovered the three fabled prisms that were once Stefano’s white whale.

Yeah, that sounds like Megan, concluded Anna. Also, it would be just like her to make off with the orchid that would have cured Marlena (Deidre Hall), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and Kate (Lauren Koslow).

After John and Steve took their leave of the spouses DiMera, Tony and Anna set about pouring over a box of Megan’s effects and brainstorming what the devious dame could be up to.

GASP! Could it be, is it even conceivable that Megan is out to resurrect Stefano?! No, Tony doesn’t think so. Not only would Stefano be in his 90s, but he was riddled with cancer. No way his body could handle the trauma of being cryogenically frozen, experimented on, and then thawed.

Besides, Rolf (Richard Wharton) swore that Stefano was “gone” gone, not just “Salem” gone. As if Rolf can ever truly be believed, huffed Anna.

DAYS Recap: Silver Anniversary

Believe it or not, and Nicole most certainly could not believe it. It’s been 25 years to the day since she and Eric first crossed paths. Back then, she was a waitress at Java, and he was a budding shutterbug played by future Supernatural heartthrob Jensen Ackles. Good times, good times.

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days of our lives recap for february 27, 2023 has nicole remembering eric young, played by jensen ackles
It was almost like Eric Brady was a different person back then.

Or at least they were. Then Nicole had to go and spoil the good thing between them by marrying Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) — and that $5 million incentive from Kate was hardly the balm her aching heart required. Oh, what Nicole wouldn’t give to go back and change things. But you can’t go back. So one must soldier on.

And soldier on Nicole did. She married a few more geezers — Victor Kiriakis (the late, great John Aniston) was probably the nadir — knocked Kate about a time or two, had a kid, got kidnapped a plethora of times, stole a baby, as one does, and then she was reunited with her first love…pity he was a priest!

Ooooooh, a Thorn Birds situation, squealed Paulina. Well, not exactly, revealed Nicole. Eric was drummed out of the priesthood long before they hooked back up.

Then there was the attempt to reconcile, more kidnappings, and finally a wedding followed by a long-distance marriage that ended when she did the nasty with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer). Whew! What a life Nicole has led!

Elsewhere, the Brady Pub, to be exact, Roman (Josh Taylor) did his utmost to convince Eric that it was Nicole whom he belonged with…not that horrible, awful, chowder-hating Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty). Eric disagreed. Well, not so much with the Sloan part of it all. They were through anyhow. But he and Nicole are never, ever going to make it work. Besides, she’s with EJ (Dan Feuerriegel)…again. More’s the pity.

Megan Hathaway Cackles And Gloats

In a laboratory somewhere remote, possibly Caracas, Megan roused her hostages and helpfully filled in a few blanks. No, they were never really dead, she’d only conspired to make it look that way. John and co. buried a Marlena clone, while the Johnsons laid a Kayla look-alike to rest. As for Kate…that one was pretty easy. Megan substituted a goat for her corpse!

It seems you’ve inherited Stefano’s penchant for intricate machinations, the women unanimously decided. Megan took that as the compliment it was not meant to be.

What are we doing here, the trio wondered. To love, honor, and serve G-d in this world and then to be happy with him in the next, Megan sarcastically said.

days of our lives recap for february 27, 2023 has megan talking to marlena, kayla, and kate in their chambers
Megan Hathaway is still up to no good.

With that, Megan grew bored, sedated the gals, and took a moment to longingly caress the cryogenic tube containing her precious Bo Brady.

DOOL Recap: Looking Forward

Nicole’s reminiscence proved to be catching when Abe was moved to remember that the next week would mark two years since he and Paulina first laid eyes on each other. It’s not quite the 25-year milestone, but it’s something beautiful. The best part? When 25 years roll around, they’ll still be together….unlike some.

days of our lives recap for february 27, 2023 has paulina and abe enjoying a kiss
Paulina and Abe Carver enjoy a kiss.

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