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A Furious Colin Takes Aim At Paulina and Abe Carver

DAYS recap for Thursday, May 18, 2023: He intends to make his revenge as stinging as possible.

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 18, 2023, paulina and abe carver.Paulina and Abe Carver on Days of our Lives.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Abe Carver and his beloved are rolled [making that rolling pinned] by a revenge-seeking Colin.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Marlena (Deidre Hall) took her argumentative tykes to task, Nicole convinced Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) to keep mum about her status as an expectant mother, and Talia (Aketra Sevillian) had second thoughts about following through on her and Colin’s (Jasper Newman) plan. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives: Abe Carver and Paulina Price Come Under Attack

Having easily corralled Abe (James Reynolds) and Paulina (Jackée Harry) into the Sweet Bits’ kitchen under the guise of a health inspector named Cameron Frye, Colin set about putting them at ease…then slowly but surely knocked them off their game.

It started innocently enough. He conversed with the couple about the horror that was the bakery’s biscuits getting drugged and about Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) reaction to the subsequent shutdown of her livelihood.

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At ease with the young man, Paulina felt comfortable enough to share her suspicions that it was Sloan who tainted the breakfast treats, and for no good reason, which prompted Colin to retort that he heard it was for quite a good reason. At least, that’s what the papers had said.

In response, Paulina groused that the papers had just lied to boost sales figures and contended that she and Chanel were the victims here.

Days of our Lives: Paulina and Abe Carver Sense Danger

When Colin brought up Chanel’s affair with Professor Bedford, Paulina, and Abe took great exception and pointedly pointed out that he’d been 20 years Chanel’s senior and had stooped to taking advantage of his impressionable student. Hardly the stuff of love affairs.

Paulina and Abe then recapped the harassment the former had faced since Sloan slithered into town. First, a trashed office, then “the threats started.” There were notes with letters cut out of a magazine and text messages. So many threatening text messages.

Colin floated the idea that the last of those electronic missives — “Watch your back!” — wasn’t so much a threat as it was a friendly warning, and that finally tipped off the Carvers that they were standing in the presence of the actual stalker.

With that, Colin introduced Abe’s dome to a nearby rolling pin, knocking him out cold. And while Paulina checked on her beloved, Colin advanced on her seemingly intent of repeating the process.

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 18, 2023, had colin with rolling pin aimed to harm.
Colin was ready to hurt Paulina and Abe Carver on Days of our Lives.

DAYS Recap: In Brief

Opposite this excitement above, Rafe (Galen Gering) and Jada (Elia Cantu) finally got a lead, a real honest-to-goodness lead. Not only was Colin’s fingerprints on the Scotland Yard database, but thanks to that previous arrest, they now know his actual last name — Bedford — and his familial connection to Sloan. The two also deduced that Colin was Talia’s not-so-ex mystery man.

DOOL Recap: New Beginnings

Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) hard-earned reverie was shattered by Belle’s (Martha Madison) sudden appearance and her demand that he disabuse her of the notion that he and “that bitch” Sloan Petersen aren’t really settling into a serious relationship despite what Brady (Eric Martsolf) just told her. Eric could not do that. But he could request that his sister not refer to the woman in his life as a bitch.

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Belle railed at Eric for involving himself with a woman like Sloan, one who’s so adept at covering her tracks, who’s spent months and months making Paulina and Chanel’s life a living Hell.

Eric insisted that Sloan was innocent of those charges, and Belle accused him of being a “gullible fool” who thinks with his *ahem* well, Belle was too polite to finish the statement.

In response, Eric readied for a good old-fashioned Brady blowout, but Marlena put a halt to it before it could begin. Mama Dearest demanded an explanation for the raucous, and Belle tattled that Eric was seeing Sloan. “So what?” huffed Marlena. “Who are you, and what have you done with my mother,” inquired Belle.

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 18, 2023, has marlena telling off belle and eric at the pub.
Marlena Evans had some choice words for her children.

Marlena berated her offspring for behaving like children and refused to stand around and referee the two. She’d come for a spot of lunch, but now she’s lost her appetite.

Once their mother took her leave, Belle and Eric made up, played nice, and even managed to have a civilized conversation.

Days of our Lives Recap: Mother’s Daze

Meanwhile, at University Hospital, despite Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) best efforts to get her off the scent, Sloan rumbled that she was pregnant — the prenatal vitamins were a helpful clue.

An argument ensued between the ladies that was punctuated by Nicole hissing that she didn’t even know who the baby’s father was, though it was narrowed down to either Eric or EJ.

Nicole then strongly suggested that Sloan keep quiet about what she knows, especially given the strong possibility that Eric isn’t the dad. Sloan couldn’t help but agree. Fine, she’ll keep Nicole’s secret — a promise that a curious Marlena overheard.

After some awkward small talk between the three, Sloan got going, and Marlena wondered what that was all about. Nicole managed to cover beautifully.

DOOL Recap: Truth O’clock

Elsewhere, while Rafe and Jada cornered Sloan with questions about her brother, Chanel sang Talia’s praises — of course, it wasn’t she who was behind the terror campaign; perish the thought! — and the two retired to Chanel’s bedroom.

Chanel did her utmost to put Talia at ease as Talia found herself swept up in the moment — but thoughts of Colin played in a loop in her head, and she had to call the tryst quits. What’s more, she had a confession to make.

days of our lives recap for thursday, may 18, 2023, has talia pulling away from chanel.
Talia Hunter pulled away from Chanel.

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