Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Galen Gering

The actor showed his character’s lighter side in this hilarious episode. Bravo!

galen gering is days performer of the week for his performance as rafe hernandezGalen Gering as Rafe Hernandez

Given that his alter-ego usually presents in a staid and buttoned-up fashion, it was a delicious treat to see Galen Gering really let loose when Rafe consumed a box full of dosed biscuits.

Galen Gering — Performer of the Week

It’s probably not everyday that hardman Gering gorges on baked goods, but seeing as how his performance hinged on Rafe being chock full of whatever drug had been poured into those aforementioned biscuits, he made quite the exception and tore into the tainted treats with gusto.

When Elia Cantu’s Jada came a calling a wondered if Rafe could spare her a minute, a clearly euphoric Gering granted her two.

Upon noticing that he’s actions were being watched, Rafe offered as explanation, “Dude, I do not know what they put in these but their like crack!”

The first real clue that something was amiss, as least as far as Jada was concerned, was Rafe getting on the phone with “Spaulding” and threatening that this his detectives would be kicking the Fire Department’s ass in the upcoming softball tournament. That and Gering hilariously referring to his fellow public servant as “Guy”. How unlike Rafe!

Gering continued to imbue his character with a giggly, nonchalant, almost adolescent streak that saw Rafe declare that he and Jada should forgo “letting the man dictate our lives.” — their sex lives, that is.

Convinced in his haze that Jada was clad in a leather bustier, booty shorts, fish net stockings, and thigh high boots and shamelessly coming on to him, Rafe made a move…a move that wasn’t appreciated and a move that was happened upon by Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) who offered to file a lawsuit for harassment on Jada’s behalf.

But it wasn’t Sloan whom Rafe saw standing before him — well, it was for all of a few minutes, just long enough for him to declare that she was marshing his mellow *ahem* make that, harshing his mellow — but rather an adult sized Duke, AKA “the bear I shared custody of with my ex-wife.”

Rafe was glad to see his buddy, and even happier to see that he’d regained his head. “Props to your vet!” he offered in earnest before wondering why the room was suddenly spinning and hitting the deck.

It was silly, ridiculous even. But seeing Galen Gering giving it his all was well worth it.

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