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A Desperate Jack Deveraux Throws Away His Remaining Daughter

The DAYS recap for Monday, January 30, 2023: Jack divests himself of do-wrong Gwen.

a suited jack deveraux clutches a framed photograph of him and gwenJack Deveraux

On today’s Days of our Lives, Jack Deveraux gave Gwen an ultimatum, and she called his bluff. Not a good move, Gwen. Not a good move.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition to Jack playing hardball, there was Xander (Paul Telfer) making something perfectly and painfully clear to Leo (Greg Rikaart), and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) gaining a new ally. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Jack Deveraux Issues A Threat

Jack (Matthew Ashford) is back in town, and not a moment too soon, given that Gwen is about to launch a libelous attack against the Salem Police Department. Just what is his daughter thinking? And all because of Xander. Xander, the guy who went on a kidnapping spree that left one woman dead. Repeat, what is his daughter thinking?

I’m thinking, replied Gwen, that Xander is my friend till the end, and I want to support him. Support, cried Jack. Gwen didn’t “support” Xander, she outright conspired to help him cover up multiple felonies. And since Gwen didn’t seem to know it, Jack was there to tell her that she did bad. Real bad.

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Luckily, there is a way that Gwen can make good. All she’s got to do is go down to the police station — yes, the very same one she was about to besmirch — and swear out a statement against Xander.

For added incentive, Jack swore that if she didn’t comply, he’d disown Gwen. And he meant it this time. It wasn’t like all the other times he made the same threat. Oh no. He’s not going to let her get away with this crime. Trying to break him and Jennifer (Cady McClain) up was one thing. Trying to drive her sister crazy with drugs was another. But Jack will be damned if he turns a blind eye this time. Somebody’s got to pay, and it will be either Xander or Gwen. For real! No joke!

In the end, Gwen decided to *drum roll please* stay loyal to Xander, and Jack *another drum roll please* made good and kicked her out of his life, his home (well, technically Jennifer’s home), and his business. Heck, he even trashed a photograph of the two of them. Cold. Ice cold.

DOOL Recap: Incentive

Speaking of Xander…Leo thought it only fair that he give his one-time partner-in-crime the heads up that he plans to testify against him in front of a grand jury. Xander was…not pleased. But he did understand Leo’s instinct for self-preservation. He didn’t like it, but he understood it.

But perhaps there was something that Xander could do to get Leo to change his mind, yes? Like what, wondered Leo. Like…say…take Leo to bed. After all, there was a time when getting into Xander’s bed was the only thing on Leo’s mind.

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Would finally achieving that goal cause Leo to suddenly come down with a touch of amnesia? Yes, yes it would. Totally. Without doubt!

So, onto the bed the two men tumbled. But rather than get down to some hanky panky, Xander got down to putting the fear of G-d into Leo by making out like he was willing to strangle him to death. Luckily, Leo received the message loud and clear and decided it wasn’t worth the cost of the funeral to rat Xander out. He later relayed that to Gwen and learned about her showdown with her father.

in horton town square gwen and leo catch up
Leo and Gwen

Gabi Hernandez — Psycho Whisperer

While Gabi worked to escape Li’s (Remington Hoffman) hotel room, Stefan (Brandon Barash) did likewise but inside his makeshift prison in the DiMera manse’s secret room. Or “secret room” as the case may be. Lots of people know about that room.

Stefan actually managed to ditch his gag and then use his foot (well, big toe to be precise) to answer an incoming call from Statesville, convinced as he was that mommy Vivian would come through for him if he asked. He was wrong.

Turns out ole Viv’s pretty peeved that Stefan hasn’t come to see her lo these many months, and she’s got half a mind to let him rot where he is. That would teach him!

days of our lives recap gabi finds stefan still tied up but able to use the phone talking to vivian
Gabi and Stefan

Enter Gabi — who’d made sure to tell Li just how crazy he truly was before taking her leave of him — to further complicate Stefan’s predicament by convincing Vivian that she was in the right. Not that it took much. All Gabi really did was imply that Stefan hadn’t reached to her because of his conditioning. And that’s exactly what Gabi wanted to correct. So…win-win if she achieved her goal, right Vivian? Right!

Hot on Gabi’s heels was one Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (Richard Wharton) — boy, won’t Li be all kinds of upset? Anybody up for a little deprogramming?

Days of our Lives Recap: Decision Made

Try as she might, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) just can’t bring herself to stay married to Xander. There just so different from one another. How different? Well, she possesses a moral compass, and he very much doesn’t. That’s a deal breaker. Good thing Sarah has Justin (Wally Kurth) on hand to quickly draw her up a divorce decree…which she promptly delivered to her soon-to-be-ex’s room, shocking him.

days recap as xander cook in underwear opens the door to an angry sarah with divorce papers
Xander and Sarah

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