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Top 4 Characters Who Lead the Lonely Hearts Club on Soap Operas!

On a soap opera, as in life, sometimes there are those who are unlucky in love. They won’t always stay that way but for now, some members of the lonely-hearts club brigade are nursing a broken heart. Here are several that are currently trying to move on with their lives.

The Young and the Restless
Poor put upon Sharon (Sharon Case) had a husband leave her just to keep her and their family safe. She can’t even tell people that her husband didn’t really dump her.

Instead, she has to try and wrap her head around what witness protection really means – and it means that she can never (and we mean EVER….well it’s a soap, so maybe not) contact Dylan ever again. Will her heart ever mend? Will she ever really get it?

General Hospital
It was sad enough for Michael (Chad Duell) when Sabrina was murdered, taking away his dream of his happy family. Then, insult was added to his injury when her son Teddy, was snatched from his grasp as well.

He thought he had moved on with Nelle, but it was a blow to learn she bedded (okay not really, but he doesn’t know that) his father and was plotting revenge against his mother. He should start seeing Andre to deal with inevitable trust issues STAT.

Days of Our Lives
It was hard enough for Gabi (Camila Banus) to deal with the death of her best friend Abigail.

But somehow, with the help of Abby’s husband and son, Gabi was able to bring herself and Chad back to life with their newfound love.

But, that wasn’t all that came back to life – so did Abigail, thrusting Gabi to the curb once again as Chad chose to walk with his wife on that road to happily ever after.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Wyatt (Darin Brooks) probably should have realized when the truth came out about why Liam stayed away from Steffy that it was just a matter of time before the woman he loved wanted to return to his brother.

Of course, his mother issues didn’t help anything. Then again, would he have ever had a shot if it weren’t for dear old Mom paving the way?

Wyatt needs to move on now that Steffy and Liam are married again. Will he? Or will he wait for their marriage to fail once again?

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