Will EJ DiMera Forgive Nicole’s Lies On Days of our Lives?

And how will Eric Brady fit on these DAYS?

ej dimera has been lied to a lot by nicole on days of our lives.Should EJ DIMera keep forgiving all of Nicole's lies?

On Days of our Lives, Nicole was so scared that EJ DiMera would never forgive her for lying to him for sleeping with Eric under the evil influence of drugged biscuits, that she lied about it. But then, much to Nicole’s surprise, EJ forgave her almost immediately.

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So what did Nicole (Arianne Zucker) do literally in the next minute with the follow-up question he asked? She lied to him again. Will EJ (Daniel Feuerriegel) be just as sanguine the next time? What almost 2,000 voters guessed.

EJ DiMera: End of the Days of our Lives Road

There are just so many times that EJ can be the bigger man, 18% of the audience sighs. He is trying to be a good boyfriend, but Nicole is going out of her way to make it as hard for him as possible. And this man is a DiMera. They don’t take being lied to well. This next one will definitely push him over the edge.

DOOL: All Is Fair in Love and Drugs

EJ was worried that Nicole’s latest illness was caused by the long-term effects of bad biscuits. So 32% of viewers expect him to keep forgiving Nicole, based on a really, really, really long poisoning. EJ wants to believe Nicole so much, he’ll convince himself that she is still addled and can’t be held responsible for her actions. After all, would Nicole ever lie unless she was under the influence of a hallucinogen?

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But a winning 50% think what will push EJ over the edge is that Eric (Greg Vaughan) might be a permanent part of their lives forever. Even if Nicole doesn’t want to go back to Eric, even if Eric doesn’t want Nicole back for good, they’ll still be co-parents. And Eric will be a constant visitor to the DiMera mansion, there to tell EJ everything he is doing wrong with Eric’s baby mama and son. And that, EJ will never be able to forgive Nicole for.

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