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Lying Liar Nicole Walker Can’t Help Herself And Lies Again

DAYS recap for Monday, May 8, 2023: As if she’s one to actually learn from past mistakes.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 8, 2023, nicole walker talking to ej.Nicole Walker and EJ.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Nicole Walker doubles down on her lies when EJ implores her for the truth.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Marlena (Deidre Hall) becomes privy to the sordid details of her son’s complicated love life, Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) captor fails to make a good impression, and Gabi (Camila Banus) and Stefan (Brandon Barash) busy themselves with altering Nicole’s less than glowing evaluation of him. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Nicole Walker Just Can’t Help But Lie

An incredulous Nicole (Arianne Zucker) couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her? Pregnant?! Her?! But she’s on the pill!

After Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) not so helpfully pointed out that the pill doesn’t prevent 100% of pregnancies, she explained that Nicole’s stomach pains were most likely contractions, which are normal during early pregnancy, so there’s no cause for immediate alarm — but Nicole will have to make a follow-up appointment.

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“I did not see this coming,” groused Nicole to no one in particular though Kayla did take it upon herself to grant that it was obvious Nicole’s condition was unplanned. “And not just because the pregnancy is dangerous for me and the baby,” explained Nicole, who added, ” but…Kayla, I don’t even know who the father is.”

That one took Kayla by surprise, as did Nicole confessing that the two possible fathers were EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) and Eric (Greg Vaughan). “Why would you do that?” questioned/accused Kayla — “that” being sleeping with Eric when she and EJ were very much an item. [Nosy and judgmental much, Doc?]

That necessitated Nicole to explain that she and Eric got “high as kites” courtesy of those doped biscuits and had had a one-night stand because of them.

Enter EJ who’d been alerted to Nicole’s hospitalization by Gabi. He was worried that she was seriously ill, but Nicole assured him that she was perfectly fine. Are you really, though, he wondered. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that she had lied.

Taken aback, Nicole wondered what EJ meant, and he revealed that he’s well aware she and Eric slept together — but he gets it, and he forgives her. Now, back to what ails Nicole. Is she really being upfront and honest with him?

She’s not. And rather than out with her actual diagnosis, Nicole relays Kayla’s earlier one: perimenopause. EJ breathed a sigh of relief, then made sure to tell Nicole that nothing would make her less beautiful or desirable to him. He’s just glad it isn’t anything more serious.

DAYS Recap: Close Call

At the Brady Pub, Marlena got a good look at Eric’s bruised and battered face and demanded an explanation. “I ran into a door” didn’t cut the mustard, but his eventual “I ran into EJ’s fist” rang pretty true.

Marlena next wanted to know if this was the result of yet another “barroom fight,” and Eric insisted that that was not the case. Also, he hadn’t struck EJ back, so there’s that. Hardly impressed, Marlena pushed for that explanation. Eric finally obliged. As suspected, Marlena didn’t like what he had to say. Not one little bit.

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Now there were two things that mattered to her most: finding out whether or not Eric and Nicole both really believed that their dalliance meant nothing and getting Eric to the E.R. so he could get stitched up and bandaged.

Eric swore that his and Nicole’s night together was nothing more than drug-fueled debauchery — in spite of Marlena pointing out that the ingredients in those biscuits wouldn’t increase a person’s libido — then acquiesced to being seen to by an attending physician.

At the hospital, mother and son ran into Kayla, and she only narrowly managed to keep Eric from spying “Nicole Walker” on her patient file.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 8, 2023, has eric and marlena running into kayla at the hospital.
Kayla didn’t want Eric to see the Nicole Walker file she dropped on Days of our Lives.

DOOL Recap: Old (Fish)Wives’ Tale

On a fishing boat somewhere on the Mediterranean, Kate came face-to-face with the architect of her less than pleasing predicament…and it was none other than Dimitri von Leuschner (Peter Porte), AKA “the fancy cousin to the lowlifes, Carly and Frankie” and an internationally renowned criminal who “posed as an ISA agent named Kyle…something.”

“Graham,” offered Dimitri, who then asked after Kate’s daughter Billie. He had such fond memories of romancing her. What a captivating woman she was…and now he sees where she gets it from.

Hardly impressed or flattered, Kate wanted answers, namely why Dimitri had her locked up on his boat. The best Dimitri would offer was that Kate had “great value” to him as a hostage and that this was all “part of a much larger plan.”

Dimitri then suggested that the two of them share a Tango, but Kate wasn’t interested. “I wouldn’t dance with you if you were the last person on Earth,” she hissed, knife at the ready.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 8, 2023, has kate pulling a knife out on dimitri.
Kate Roberts Brady was having none of his shenanigans.

Opposite this, Chad (Billy Flynn) filled Roman (Josh Taylor) in on Harris Michaels’s (Steve Burton) joining the search for Kate — Roman was not amused — and was, in turn, apprised Chad of Bo’s (Peter Reckell) condition — unchanged.

Days of our Lives Recap: Fire With Fire

Back in Salem, after sending a cross EJ off to University Hospital and huffing that she hopes if Nicole actually is sick that it is something SERIOUS, Gabi joined Stefan in logging into Nicole’s computer and reading her evaluation of Stefan. It was not particularly glowing.

“Scattered, inattentive, possibly brain damaged…Insists on using plural “they” in business correspondence. Also fails to use inclusive language such as Latinx…He is completely unfamiliar with social media apps and pop culture references, which severely undermines his ability to understand new markets. For example, he has no idea who the singer Lizzo is. [Fair point, admits Gabi]. This is not unimportant. Influencers like her can dramatically impact a company’s profit margin…In summation, the DiMera family is overjoyed at Stefan’s recovery, but I regret to say that after four years of being kept alive by artificial means, Stefan is no way prepared to run a multinational corporation.”

And then there was the little matter of the soundbite from an unnamed employee: “Wish he’d stayed dead.”

With no time to waste — though time was wasted via an impromptu make-out session — Gabi and Stefan got down to making some choice edits before sending the lot off to the DiMera Enterprises board.

days of our lives recap for monday, may 8, 2023, has gabi and stefan making out on the dimera couch.
Gabi and Stefan DiMera enjoy some sexy time.

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