Who Is a Bigger Days of our Lives Brat, Eric Brady or Belle?

What is up with Marlena Evans Black’s kids on DAYS?

belle brady and shawn brady on days of our lives.Belle and Shawn.

Just in case Days of our Lives viewers have still not figured out that Sloan is the cause of everything evil in Salem, she is also coming between siblings Eric Brady and Belle. How dare Eric date Sloan after she went up against Belle in court, and wasn’t nice to her? On the other hand, how dare Belle not be absolutely delighted by Eric’s latest bed buddy? Which one of them is acting like the bigger baby?

Days of our Lives: Eric Brady Acts Up

It’s definitely Eric (Greg Vaughan), 14% insist. The only reason he’s dating Sloan is because it pisses off his family — and Nicole (Arianne Zucker). The more pushback they get, the more he insists on flaunting their relationship. It’s childish and petty, and it makes everything Belle (Martha Madison) says to him even more on point.

DAYS: I’m Mirror and You’re Glue

We get that Belle is upset about Shawn (Brandon Beemer), 18% are sympathetic. But taking your frustration out on Eric is not the way to do it. The one matter Sloan isn’t involved in is the Bo (Peter Reckell), Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Steve (Stephen Nichols), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), and Megan (Miranda Wilson) drama. Though we’re not saying she won’t be accused in the future, at the moment, Sloan is guilt-free on that front, which makes Belle hassling her even more pointless.

Days of our Lives: Mom’s the Word

Both of Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) kids are a hot mess, 68% sigh. (We assume Sami is, too, but she’s not on the canvas at the moment.) Maybe having your mom constantly die and come back to life does something to a young person’s psyche. Maybe having a shrink for a parent leaves you particularly screwed up. But whatever the reason, it’s impossible to decide which one is worse. Get it together, guys!

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