New Boss: What Damage Will Alex Kiriakis Cause on Days of our Lives?

Will Maggie Horton Kiriakas be sorry she left Alex in charge?

alex kiriakis is the boss now that maggie is away on days of our lives.Will Alex Kiriakis keep the ship afloat?

Maggie is flying off to Greece to support Victor in his bedside vigil for Bo on Days of our Lives. And she’s left Victor’s great-nephew Alex Kiriakis in charge of Titan. The few times Alex has been allowed to make business decisions, it hasn’t gone well. So what could possibly happen now?

Days of our Lives: Sink or Swim For Alex Kiriakis

Doesn’t a corporation the size of Titan more or less run itself by now, 12% of you speculate. There are Vice Presidents and middle managers, and busy bee employees. Surely, Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) can’t influence every single one of them. There are protocols in place, right? Chains of command? Paperwork for lawyers to review? Even Alex should be able to steer this ship. Or at least keep it barely afloat.

Days of our Lives: Error Message

He is going to tank it, 29% of viewers counter. The boy has been writing checks his mouth can’t cash since he arrived in Salem, and his arrogance has only grown since then. (Professionally speaking. Personally, Stephanie [Abigail Klein] really kicked him in the teeth.) Alex is going to want to prove that he can succeed in something. Anything. And that will make him go too far. Which is what will cause his — and Titan’s — downfall.

The DAYS Aunts Go Marching One By One

Alex really wants to impress his Aughnteeee Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), 59% believe. He’s let her — and, by extension, Victor (John Aniston) — down too many times before. He knows he’s seen as the loser of the clan. Not like perfect son Sonny (Zach Tinker) — or the presumably equally perfect but never seen twins. He has to do well, not just for Victor, not just for Maggie, but for his own self-esteem. Right, Dr. Evans (Deidre Hall)? Look who’s been listening in therapy! Alex is a new man, and Titan will be all the better for it.

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