Last DAYS Straw: Is Eric Brady Done With Nicole Walker?

After all, Nicole is responsible for…everything.

Days of our Lives Eric Brady and Nicole Walker

What a difference a Days of our Lives makes! Was it only one Salem day ago when Nicole Walker was giddily dumping her loyal husband, Rafe Hernandez, in order to live in connubial bliss with Eric Brady?

Days of our Lives Polling

But then Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) spilled the beans about Nicole (Arianne Zucker) encouraging Jada to abort her and Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) baby, and now Eric is drunk and angry and punching out EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) for hanging out with Nicole. Should Eric wash his hands of Nicole for good after all that?

I Know What Eric Brady Needs To Do

Eric should absolutely be done with Nicole, 54% of the voters have no doubt about that. What you do have doubts is about Eric being able to do it. If he couldn’t stay away from Nicole when she was with his brother, Brady Black, or when she was married to Rafe (Galen Gering), then a little punch and a stint in jail aren’t going to cut this self-destructive cord.

All Nicole Walker’s Fault

None of this is Eric’s fault, 24% of the fans would like to point out. Sure, he threw the punch, but EJ was baiting him. But it wasn’t EJ’s fault, either. Whose fault was it, then? Well, obviously, Nicole’s. She should have told EJ to cut it out, and she should have kept Eric in check. Look what she made them do! And now they have to pay the price! Eric can never forgive Nicole for not keeping him from the consequences of his own actions!

DAYS Knows Best

Everything Nicole has ever done was for Eric’s own good, 22% insist. Nicole simply explained to Jada how difficult co-parenting is. She was saving Eric and Jada from being tied to each other forever by a baby they both thought they wanted. Who knows better here, the potential parents or Nicole?

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