Force of Habit: Why Did Nicole Walker Lie To EJ on Days of our Lives?

Will Nicole ever learn that liars never prosper on Days of our Lives?

nicole walker and ej dimera listen at a door on days of our lives.Nicole Walker...the girl can't help it.

Nicole Walker had the best excuse ever for sleeping with Eric on Days of our Lives. They were both drugged. And EJ would obviously believe her. He was drugged, too! They could have cleared the air and moved on. But, nope. Nicole decided to lie. What was she thinking?

Days of our Lives: It’s What Nicole Walker Does

When cornered, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) lies, 16% remind. It’s not so much a habit at this point as a personality. She doesn’t know any other way to behave. She just assumes she’ll never be believed. And then she assumes that the lie she makes up to cover that lie will be believed. The fact that it never ever works has yet to deter her. Nicole is what we call…dumb.

DOOL: A Matter of Trust

Nicole isn’t dumb, 23% of the audience is taking offense. She’s just insecure. Poor, poor Nicole. The only reason she lied to EJ (Daniel Feuerriegel) was because she didn’t trust him to forgive her. So, you see, it’s actually all his fault.

As Taylor Swift would sing, “Look what you made me do.” EJ has been nothing but kind, understanding, and accepting of her ever since she cheated on Rafe (Galen Gering) with Eric (Greg Vaughan), and her husband threw Nicole out. But that doesn’t mean he would be again. Nicole can’t risk it.

Days of our Lives: Failure To Learn

That’s the problem, 61% sigh, Nicole can’t see what’s good for her. If anyone would forgive her for an indiscretion — especially one she’s barely to blame for — it would be EJ. Sure, Rafe is judgy. Eric is judgy. EJ isn’t judgy. And if Nicole were capable of learning and growing as a person, she would realize that. But she isn’t, and she can’t. So she’ll keep making the same dumb mistakes over and over again. And paying the price.

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