Days of our Lives Screw Up: Who Has Made the Biggest Blunder?

Which decisions will we regret the most one of these DAYS?

days of our lives chad dimera in front of stephanie johnson.Was it Chad DiMera who made the biggest blunder in Salem?

Where would Days of our Lives be if people weren’t constantly making the worst possible decisions? Everyone in Salem is the King and Queen of terrible choices.

Days of our Lives Polling

But who has made the biggest one most recently? And yes, we realize there are some stellar choices. Here’s how over 2,000 fans weighed in with their opinions.

Melinda Trask: The Mouse Trap

What was Melinda (Tina Huang) thinking when she tried to get Li (Remington Hoffman) to admit to having tried to kill Stefan (Brandon Barash) while they were on a date, 13% of you wonder. Not only is it not a great way to get a guy into you, but any evidence she would have gotten would also be inadmissible. As District Attorney, you’d think Melinda would know that. She’d have messed up twice, even if Li did blab.

Chad DiMera: Bro…

What was Chad (Billy Flynn) thinking when he listened to EJ’s (Daniel Feuerriegel) stupid advice? Just the idea that “What Would Stefano Do” could ever end happily is ridiculous to 19% of the audience. And when did EJ become an expert at relationships? This is the man who married Sami (Alison Sweeney) — more than once. He doesn’t know how to make a woman happy. He only knows how to make her vengeful.

Days of our Lives: Dirt Nap

What was Brady (Eric Martsolf) thinking when he so much as considered running off with Rachel (Finley Rose Slater), 33% of voters want to know. First and foremost, Kristen (Stacey Haiduk) would have found him. He is not that good at hiding. Second, he’d be in violation of the law. And third, he’d be stuck with the nightmare that is Rachel, constantly whining and calling the cops on her dad. Not a single part of that plan was viable.

Shawn Brady: I’ll Drink To That

But the biggest blunder, according to a winning 35%, was Shawn (Brandon Beemer) being made police commissioner. The guy has no experience. He’s related to three-fourths of the suspects who come into the precinct. And he’s a drunk. The department is already a mess. This will not help in any way.

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