Days of our Lives Goody-Goody: Can Leo Stark Be Redeemed?

Or should he stay a villain till the end?

Leo Stark redeemed on Days of our Lives

Leo Stark is on his best behavior on Days Of Our Lives. Is it because he knows this is peak Santa making a naughty and nice list season? Or because he lost his job and his best friend and all his romantic prospects due to being… himself? We’re leaning toward the latter. Can this blackmailer and extortionist and rotten human being be reformed?

Days of our Lives Polling: Slight Improvement

Boy, was it close, but 41% of the audience squeaked out a win for the belief that Leo (Greg Rikaart) could improve. A teeny, tiny, little, barely noticeable bit. Maybe start with not trying to trick married men into leaving their wives for you. Or, you know, dial down on the blackmail? Or the fake charges of sexual harassment. Or just the smug expression? Yeah, let’s start with that last one. If he can pull that off, maybe there’s hope for a few of the rest.

DAYS: Fix It

On the other hand, 40% of you find contrite Leo so, so adorable. Aw, look at him try to act like a semi-decent human being. He was only snarky about Sonny Kiriakis’ (Zach Tinker) marriage, what, a half dozen times over the course of an evening? That’s progress, right? And he took his firing from Paulina Price Carver’s (Jackee Harry) campaign without threatening revenge and instantly ruining her life. Leo is growing as a person. And you hope he keeps doing so.

Days of our Lives: Bad News

A not insignificant, last place 19% like Leo just the way he is. You love to hate him, and have no interest in ever growing to love him. Leo is only interesting when he’s the jerk with no conscience. The last thing Salem needs is another reformed bad guy with no edge and a perennial aura of self-pity. You’ll never forgive Leo for the things he’s done, so he might as well stay the course and keep stirring the pot.

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