Days of our Lives Error Report: Is Shawn Brady To Blame For Shooting Bo?

Will Shawn Brady ever forgive himself on Days of our Lives?

shawn brady shot his dad bo in front of his mom hope on days of our lives.Should Shawn Brady be blaming himself?

Bo had just remembered his love for his Fancy Face on Days of our Lives, when his son Shawn Brady shot Bo in the back. Now, we don’t blame Shawn. He knew that Bo was brainwashed, and he found him holding a gun on Shawn’s mom, Hope. But should Shawn blame himself?

Days of our Lives: Policy Brutality

Shawn (Brandon Beemer) had no business firing his weapon at Bo (Peter Reckell), 6% of you are ready to file a report with his supervisor. Bo wasn’t even pointing his gun at Hope (Kristian Alfonso) anymore. He wasn’t a threat. Shawn should have at least yelled out a warning. His dad being in a coma is all Shawn’s fault!

DAYS: Justifiable Homicide

Shawn did the only thing he could, 46% defend. He had to protect his mom, she was the one on the edge of a cliff with a pistol pointed her way. If he’d called out, he could have startled Bo into shooting. Or had Bo turned and shot Shawn or Steve (Stephen Nichols), instead? Shawn was using his police training and going by the book. He had no way of knowing Bo had experienced a last-minute change of heart!

Days of our Lives: Split the Difference For Shawn Brady

An almost equal but slightly larger 47% are willing to admit that Shawn may have acted too hastily, but you understand why he did it. His mother was the priority in this case, and Bo was the wild card. Does the Salem Police Department do a seminar on how to react when you’re back from the dead Pop is brainwashed into thinking he doesn’t love your mom anymore and wants to kill her and throw her off a cliff? If they do, then this must happen a lot more than we’ve been led to believe. And if they don’t. Shawn was just doing the best he could under unprecedented circumstances.

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