DAYS Fair Play: Is Rafe Hernandez Being Too Hard on Poor Nicole?

Is Eric actually a threat to the Hernandez marriage?

Days of our Lives Rafe Hernandez

On Days of our Lives, Rafe Hernandez has had enough of finding his new bride in her ex-husband’s arms — his words, not ours. Nicole Walker Hernadez swore she had no more feelings for Eric Brady beyond friendship, but Rafe wasn’t buying it.

Days of our Lives Polling

He accused Nicole (Arianne Zucker) of still being in love with Eric (Greg Vaughn) and told her he didn’t want them working together — like the last time they fell in love. Was Rafe (Galen Gering) being too hard on Nicole?

Clear As the Nose On Your Face

Rafe isn’t being too hard on Nicole because Rafe is absolutely right, 57% of you assert. She is so obviously still in love with Eric that it isn’t even funny…and way past the plausible deniability stage. A husband has every right to ask his wife to quit throwing herself at the guy who divorced her…and to not arrange it so that they see each other at work every single day.

Rafe Hernandez: Neither Either Or

Just because Rafe is being too hard on Nicole doesn’t mean he’s wrong, 39% of voters would like to go on the record as saying. He shouldn’t be so brusk about it — that’s not the way to get Nicole to listen. Being growled at just makes her defensive, and that is not the state you want her in. The last time Nicole was feeling defensive, she jumped into bed with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer). Rafe has every right to ask her to keep away from Eric, but this is a honey-over-vinegar situation.

Nice Guy

Gotta hand it to Nicole, she managed to snow 4% of the audience, who believe Rafe was totally in the wrong. The poor, innocent, faithful woman was just being nice to a lonely, lost soul. His mommy is sick! He’s sads! Is Nicole not allowed to be an angel of mercy?

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