Psych: Should Brady Black Break His DAYS Word To Kristen?

What could go wrong if he admits he crossed his fingers?

Days of our Lives Brady Black and Kristen DiMera

Kristen DiMera showed just how painfully low her self-esteem was when she blackmailed Brady Black into coming back to her on Days of our Lives.

Days of our Lives Polling

If Brady (Eric Martsolf) wants Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) to hand over the antidote to cure stepmother Marlena Evans Black (Deidra Hall), Kayla Brady Johnson (Mary Beth Evans), and Kate Roberts Brady (Lauren Koslow), then he had better break up with Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) and return to playing happy family with Kristen and their daughter, Rachel Black. Brady agreed.

But did you see his hands while he was making the promise? For all we know, he has his fingers crossed. And we know that makes all contracts non-legally binding.

Brady Black: All Better Now

A cold-blooded 63% of you are urging for Brady to wait until the women are all better, then break his word to Kristen and walk away…preferably laughing maniacally. The problem, however, is that this one little injection isn’t the cure in and of itself. The women are going to need a second dose and then another booster (sound familiar to anyone? Seriously, DAYS?). So if Brady is going to double-cross Kristen, he needs to wait to do it until after all of the dosages have been administered. And that could take so long that, who knows, his life might become the truth!

Good Boy

The problem isn’t timelines, 22% of the audience sighs, it’s that Brady is such an upstanding guy. If he made a promise, he’s going to stick to it. Even if he doesn’t want to. We do wonder, though, why Brady can’t act like he’s doing what Kristen said…while telling Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) the truth and still seeing her on the side. Heck, it could make the whole thing hotter!

Brady Black Would Never Ever

Nope, 15% won’t even consider a compromise. Brady isn’t that kind of guy. He’ll follow his word to the letter and play martyr for the three ailing women. It’ll make him feel better about himself.

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