Back Up DAYS: Should Nancy Miller and Craig Wesley Reunite?

They obviously are terrible at running their own lives

Days of our Lives Craig Wesley and Nancy Miller

For multiple decades, Nancy Miller thought she and her husband Craig Wesley had a wonderful marriage on Days of our Lives. They not only loved each other, they liked each other. They liked and loved scheming together. They loved their children. And their sex life was fabulous. We know. We saw it right there on our screens.

Days of our Lives Polling

Nancy (Patrika Darbo) may have been surprised when Craig (Kevin Spirtas) came out to her and confessed he was in love with Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart), but so were we. We’d seen the same marriage she had. And we thought it was solid. Oh, well. Craig left Nancy and planned to marry Leo…only to learn he’d been played by a not very smart con artist. Nancy, in the meantime, fell for Clyde Weston (James Read). Only to learn she was about to marry a cold-blooded killer.

Now Clyde is out of the picture…but Craig seems to be back in. Should these exes reunite and give living happily ever after a second chance? Soap Hub asked, and here’s how you answered.

Craig Wesley Doing Better

Oh, please, 59% of you don’t even want to discuss it. Nancy deserves so much better than that liar. And Craig should also try to find some happiness. Though, good luck ever meeting anyone who adores him as much as Nancy did. Since Craig has made a mockery of the relationship Nancy thought she had, they should absolutely not go down that road again.

DAYS Lost In Love

Those two need each other, 27% of the audience reminds. They clearly suck at life when they try to navigate it on their own. See: Who they chose to partner up with most recently. They’re lost when they’re apart. Might as well stick with what worked…in some ways.

Open Up

How about an open marriage, 14% suggest. They can keep the parts that work and get the ones that don’t elsewhere. Craig certainly needs a firm hand. Maybe Nancy can teach him how to be a decent human being.

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