Are Rafe Hernandez And Jada A Hit Or A Miss On Days of our Lives?

Will it be happy DAYS in Salem or a major mistake?

days of our lives rafe hernandez an jada sealed the deal.Rafe and Jada did the deed against the rules.

Rafe Hernandez and Jada have been circling each other for months on Days of our Lives. It was obvious there was an attraction there. Just like it was obvious that Abe had put in a new rule against co-workers dating. Now that his daughter had already married her former cop partner.

Days of our Lives Polling

Why should other people have the same rights as the mayor’s kid? But Rafe (Galen Gearing) and Jada (Elia Cantu) couldn’t stay away from each other. So they finally said, “Screw the rules,” and made love. Was this the right move?

DAYS: Think of the Mayor

Abe (James Reynolds) is missing. How can anyone have sex at a time like this, 18% demand to know. Every minute of every day should be focused on tracking him down. No eating, no sleeping, and certainly no making whoopee! It’s disrespectful. That’s what it is!

Rafe Hernandez: Honest Broker

Jada and Rafe are adults and free to sleep with whomever they want, 30% remind. But their plan of keeping it a secret is stupid. For one thing, Jada already told Kate (Lauren Koslow). While out in a public place. Loose lips seem to be the order of the day. And, besides, if they really don’t agree with Abe’s rule, they should fight it. It’s a civil rights issue! Be out and proud, and force the world to accept you!

Days of our Lives: Private Eyes

Rafe and Jada’s personal lives are nobody’s business, 52% argue. They can ignore the stupid rule but don’t have to flaunt it. We know that they’ve wanted to do this for a long time, so we’re happy if they’re happy. But they’ll be happier if no one is butting into their business. They’ll be better off keeping their secret and enjoying the first blush of love. When they’re bored, then they can tell people.

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